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What makes you faster, altitude training on a planet x

It’s been a while since my last update. I’ve been in the Pyrenees. It was meant to be a training camp, but to be honest I was really there for rest and recuperation. I’ve beensuffering from shell shock since the Boggle Hole weekend. On the way over to France I stopped off at the first of the French grand prix races and got well and truly hammered. I came out of the swim at the front and got on Brownlee's wheel. The bike was a repeat of my boggle hole droppage and I ran like a man who had just spent 100 miles with Wayne. Not really what I was looking for having just expressed an interest in going to the Europeans as a swim bike domestique. I could see the G.B head coach shaking his head as he watched me move from first to last. I figured I’d forget about this Triathlon malarkey for the season and focus on getting in shape for the winter with the aim of holding Waynes wheel without squealing like a baby. I made two outings for my French squad whilst I was over there and went ok, but not enough to keep them in the first division, so that's the end of France for me. Although if i nail the last race next month another team might offers me a big fat cheque. Hopefully the French wont read this and think I'm a money grabbing English triathlon whore(although they think all the Brits are anyway) Font Romeu was great, 8 weeks with the mountain goats at 1800m. No distractions other than checking out the best set of legs I have ever seen (belonging to an Israeli breaststroker who I've wasted hours searching for on Google, i can't find her but I'm happy to put up a cash reward if anyone can get me photographic evidence of her pins) Back to the U.K and I was finally forgetting the horrors of Boggle hole and considering towing another start line. I had a hit out at London and finished 6th, 2nd out of the water, first onto and off the bike in a 5 man break away. The front group were moving on the bike and it hurt me riding with them, so I ran like a donkey, but lots of progress from the start of the season and I know i can go faster so good for the confidence. I haven't seen the coverage but apparently I got lots of footage (partly because I was on the back of the group and the camera man couldn't get past me) Hopefully Mr X will be happy with his bike over the telly. The following weekend it was off to Hungary for a world cup, I got in an 8 man break and appalled at my London weakness did my best to pull turns, the gap started at 10 secs out of the swim and got up to just over a minute at 30k, at that stage the 4 Russians in the break decided they ran too fast to bother trying on the bike so they sat up and we got caught just before t2 (to be fair they were right as they ran for 1,2,3) It was 40 degrees and i spent lots of tokens on the bike and again ran like a man who had been spending quality time with Wayne. I did get a good sun tan though. This weekend its onto Carlsbad in the Czech republic for an itu points race. I need to have a good result or I will be in massive trouble for not turning out at the national relays. I'm sure Spence and Dann will nail it, Luke spent 3 months sharing a honymoon suit with me in a Thailand spa so i've seen first hand what he can do! Good luck boys, it will be a bit embarrassing if having flown a double world champion in from the states you get beat, so don't let it happen! More racing planned so i'll keep the updates coming. Harry Tizzy

26 August 2009


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