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Records broken in Old Skool event

Records broken in Old Skool event

With £500 on offer for the first rider to break either Colin Sturgess’s or Alf’s Old Skool record, competition became ultra hot at Team Sanjan’s recent 10 mile held in Cambridgeshire - so much so that there was talk of records being broken. Event organiser Stuart Tarry and his band of merry men were not to be disappointed - neither were Old Skool series sponsors Planet X as no less than nineteen riders entered...which is without doubt a record.

Only two more events remain: the Kent Valley 10 on the competition record course at Levens and Wrekinsport’s event over a similar distance on the World’s fastest course between Sambrook and Newport in Shropshire (well let’s face it, it’s the only course between Sambrook and it must be the World’s fastest course there .....mustn’t it?).
The final overall winner is not yet certain. While it looks like "the Power" Parkinson is running away with the competition it will only take a middling 15 minute 10 for Gavin "good man" Hinxman to usurp him from the top spot. If the likes of Chris Worsfold and Stan Mills can pull off even faster rides than that, we’re certainly in for a fantastic end of season. Be there...and be square...right?

1 September 2009


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