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Smith vs Hellriegel SMACK DOWN II

Smith vs Hellriegel SMACK DOWN II Rutland Water is the setting, The Vitruvian is the race, Half Iron Man is the distance and Top Dog is the prize. This weekend sees the long awaited SMACK DOWN II in the Smith vs Hellriegel challenge race series with "Hell on Wheels" leading 1 - 0 following VICTORY at Challenge Kraichgau back in June. Following Spencer's victory at the Little Woody at the weekend and Hellrigel's battle in IM Canada the scence is set for fireworks... Speaking to Spencer last week he said, with a smile, "I am happy with my form and being back in the UK gives me the advantage. I have given Thomas as much information as possible about the course to help him prepare for the race; just as he did for me in Germany!" The Vitruvian takes place at Rutland Water in Leicestershire on Saturday 5th September. The first wave of athlete's hit the water at first light, expected to be around 6.20am, with the first athletes due back in following a 1900m swim, 85km bike and 21km run at around 11 to 11.30am. The final competitors to finish are due to come in around 3pm shortly followed by the prize presentation. The event opens on Friday afternoon with athlete registration and bike racking open from 4pm. The Airstream will be onsite along with a few members of the Planet X crew. We have some fantastic offers on clothing with all remaining tri and cycling clothing reduced. We will also be taking bike orders and anyone ordering at the weekend will get a free bike build. We will also offer a special edition SL Pro Carbon Road Bike with Ultegra SL built for a staggering price. The free build will only be available if you order over the weekend so look out for our newsletter on Thursday to get the final details. We will also be taking a full range of bikes and sizes so come and get sized up or speak to one of our experts to get yourself sorted for a winter trainer or fully fledged racing machine for 2010. The scene is set for Smith vs Hellriegel SMACK DOWN II, but a little bird tells me that Planet X hardman, bar bender, cross training legend Hywel Davis is up for putting them both to the sword. Dont foget to follow us on Twitter to keep up-to-date with everything going on.

2 September 2009


  • Steve Handwerker

    This is great stuff!!!!!! At our age, though, are we now called "legends"???? Ughhhh. It makes me feel like our age group as old as Wimbledon!

  • andy

    He told me he was coming back but he'd be driving the van

  • Anonymous

    he reckons he is coming back to sick it on wayne :-O

  • Chris Peacock

    So is he coming back to Boggle Hole 2010 or not?

  • Sermour Clunge

    Somebody mentionedThe Dambuster and he got a bit worried, lost concentration and fell off the pace

  • Duncan McCockin

    So what happened?

  • Herr Pie

    Ze German Hellriegel will kick your butts.

  • Mike Hunt

    Ya what ?

  • Hugh Jarce

    and age

  • Twice Daly


  • Isaac Hunt

    I'll look out for him/her in the results then.

  • Bear.B.Hind

    All of them.

  • R. Soul

    And which age group is he in then?

  • R.Swipe

    It wont really matter as you all will be racing for second behinfd AH.

  • ginger avenger

    you win!!

  • Hywel

    What happens if both legends are no shows?

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