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World Masters / Sydney / Day 1

So I arrived in Sydney yesterday morning at about 6am after 25hours of travel. Long haul in economy class in no fun especially when you are 6'3". 02_bangkok 03_bangkok 04_bangkok We had a 2 hour stop over in a wet and sticky Bangkok. Was good to get to stretch the legs. 05_sydney I got some sleep on the flight and was not feeling to shattered when I landed in a wet, cold and windy in Sydney... just like Cape Town in the winter. I came out expecting summer and I have not winter gear... ah well. Drove to Bondi where I'm staying. Found a cafe serving good food and coffee... 2 coffee later... sorted. Then back to the house for a bath and to built my bike. Everything seems arrived in order. Bike back in the car and I headed out to Bankstown where the Dunc Gray Velodrome is. Met up with Dave (Legro) for lunch. The track is really well set-up. Really hope the new London track is set-up like this. Food was good too. Onto the track for a short leg stretch. It's nice and bright on the track with lots of natural light. Bankings seem longer and straights shorter than Manchester. Legs felt ok but the body is really tired. The cold I had at the beginning of the week is still there but starting to lift... 06_sydney After the training session I headed to the Sydney Olympic Park to register for the games. Stood in a que for 3 hours! Finally got back to Bondi at 8:30pm. Had dinner the fell into bed. Woke up a 4:30am. Not bad... Still cold today, tho I can see some blue skies out there. Back to the track this afternoon for a few hours. Racing starts tomorrow (Saturday) with the World Masters Games Kilo TT. According to the start sheet I'm ranked 2nd (33 riders) and in the last heat against Gavin White (he was 2nd at the Australian Masters Champs earlier this year). Should be a good race. I'm expecting the winner to do a low 1m08sec ride. If you wanna keep up to date with my trip then check out my twitter feed. I'll be posting there 2-3 times a day so will have lots of random bits. I'll post more pics and reports in the days so come... Adam

9 October 2009


  • magnier

    GOD LUCK adam, give them some stick!

  • Jono

    Great photos Adam - keep posting please. Jono