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World Masters / Sydney / Day 3

So 3 and race day. Slept ok and felt reasonably rested. Leaving the house I found a pair of shoes under my rear wheel of my car. How bazaar... Sunshine has returned to Sydney. Should start to get warmer now. Got to the track early. Set-up and got a good warm-up in. 08_sydney Midday rolled round and the start of the M2 (35-39) Kilo TT. Velodrome was still cold and the early times were not very fast. I was in the final heat so go a good view of all the times before me. 1:08.9 was the time to beat and a time I have been under twice this year. Got out the gate clean and felt good. Was not really flying tho. Guess jet lag was still taking it's toll. I could hear the announcer screaming and knew that Gavin White, the Aussie on the other side of the track, was on a quick time. Yup sure was. He posted a 1:07.321. About a second faster than he had done at the Aussie Masters. I posted a 1:09.468 missing the bronze by 0.094sec. Arse! I was happy with my time (faster than my horrid ride at the EU Masters) and overall happy with the ride. A chat with Legro after the and it was clear I was not holding the racing line to well and probably would have had the silver if I had. All good learnings for next week. Official Result: 1 Gavin WHITE Australia - 1:07.321 (53.48km/h) 2 Andrew GERBER Australia - 1:08.905 (52.25km/h) 3 Robert DARLEY Australia - 1:09.374 (51.89km/h) 4 Adam ROBERTS United Kingdom - 1:09.468 (51.82km/h) 5 Ian GARDINER Australia - 1:09.973 (51.45km/h) Legro later went on to break the World Record in the M5 (50-54) 500m TT with a 34.685sec (51.90km/h). Was amazing to watch. 09_sydney Back "home" for a steak dinner. Yum! Day 3 was the pursuits. I went there with the intention of using the qualifying as a chance to ride the race line for the kilo. The more times I ride it at pace the better I'll get. I went out and did a 1:10.7 opening Kilo. Caught the rider on the other side on lap 3. He then passed me (for which he got disqualified) a few laps later which is against the rules... meant I had to overtake him again in the last kilo adding to my time. Most thought I was mad... had many people come up to me after asking if I had gone out to quick... had to explain I was not there for the pursuit. Anyway I went on to post a 3:41.584. At the time is was 2nd fastest ride. Was about to back up and head home but come the end of qualifying I was 4th fastest so into the ride off for bronze. So much for an early day... Official Result for the Qualifying: 1: Darren Cash (Aus) - 3:37.725 2: Andrew Gerber (Aus) - 3:37.977 3: Ian Gardiner (Aus) - 3:38.173 4: Adam Roberts (GBR) - 3:41.584 5: Stewart Campbell (Aus) - 3:43.823 Anyway... there I was with an outside chance at a medal.... so I chose to ride a more sensible pace in the hope I could get under 3:40 and maybe a medal. It was not to be. We both did 1:14 opening kilos. He then gradually pulled away from me. I posted 3:43. Not bad considering it's not my race. Final Result: Gold and Silver: 1 Andrew GERBER - Australia - 3:35.992 (50.00km/h) 2 Darren CASH - Australia - 3:40.150 (49.06km/h) Bronze Medal 3 Ian GARDINER - Australia - 3:37.135 (49.74km/h) 4 Adam ROBERTS - United Kingdom - 3:43.328 (48.36km/h) So 2 4th places in 2 days. Rest tomorrow then Scratch on Tuesday. I've seen some amazing record rides since I've been here. Legro's being one of them. Another that stood out was Noriyuki Iijima of Japan who did a 3:27.826 (51.97km/h) in the M3 (40-44) 3000m. That is flying! He then went on to ride a 3:32 in the final to take the Gold. Amazing ride and a really nice bloke. More to come Adam

11 October 2009


  • adman

    See you in the week Ian. Think I'll be giving the Pursuit a miss as I'll be doing the Team Sprint the next day. Not sure my lungs will recover.

  • Ian Gardiner

    Hey Adam. Meant to come and say thanks and well done for the races at the weekend. You pipped me in the kilo, so I got you back in the pursuit. You riding the UCI Worlds next week? It will be broadcast live at See you there. Not sure I'll be doing the kilo - shredded my legs for the pursuit, so think I'll save myself. Ian

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