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National Team Pursuit Update

On Saturday the team rode the Welsh Open Team Pursuit, this was a final run, under race conditions, in preparations for the National Team Pursuit which takes place on Saturday 24 October at Manchester Velodrome. The team was made up of Sam Harrison, Andy Magnier, Steve Clayton and me (Boyd Roberts) – Ian Cooper was away in Majorca riding the Masters Tour (hopefully will be flying come Nationals) The programme for the evening was broken into 3 rides, a 3km qualifying, 2km semi-final and a 4km final. Below is a breakdown of the times we set with lap splits: 3 km Qualifying: 22.590 16.286 16.478 16.552 16.166 15.923 16.697 16.549 16.500 16.435 16.972 16.637 3.23.785 We qualified fastest, just over 4 seconds faster than second place and went into the semi final against a team that qualified 12 seconds behind us. 2 km Semi-Final 21.78 16.45 15.66 16.41 16.35 16.95 15.88 17.22 2.16.70 We had a good start and had the opposition team in the same straight as us at about half distance so were able to easy off a little to save some energy for the final, and after this we still rode the fastest time of the teams in the semi finals. 4 km Final 21.847 16.742 16.113 17.806 16.161 16.860 16.343 17.055 17.601 16.222 16.296 15.956 15.977 16.114 18.026 16.715 4.31.824 Feeling like we were in control after the 2 previous rides, we had a steady start before getting into a good rhythm, we were able to catch the opposition team after about 3km, normally this would be the end of the race but we had asked to be allowed to ride the full distance to set a time we could use as a target for the Nationals so we completed the distance. The last kilo was not the best and the split times show this, we feel we can still improve more. px_team_pursuit_welsh Next up is the Nationals, Andy and Sam have been in Manchester all week ride Scratch and Pursuit, Steve and I have had to get back to work and we are hoping that Ian had a good week in Majorca and is in good form. Anyone interested in coming to support us on Saturday, we will be at Manchester Velodrome, the qualifying round is at 14:00 and the finals are in the evening session which starts at 19:00. Will update you all on Sunday .......

23 October 2009


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