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When 3 sports are not enough

When 3 sports are not enough Update: Read Hywels report on the CONCEPT II Website My winter normally takes the form of loads of turbo work, breaking treadmills and throwing weights around. However, this year I dusted down my rowing machine and started to target getting back in shape for the coming season and reducing some excess weight for boggle hole. Rowing soon became an addiction and rowing 5k a day became 10k a day and then became an hour. A small challenge of an attempt on the UK Lighweight Marathon record was successful, completing the distance in 2 hours 36 mins and 43 seconds. This led to a further challenge to attempt the world 100k record on 7th Feb. I will need to row at an average pace of under 2.00 per 500m and complete the distance in 6 hours 45 minutes. Seems like its a challenge but i need to get myself toughened up for Boggle Hole, the return. If anyone would like to make a donation to the charity row...

7 January 2010


  • coops

    Jeez Hywell I wouldn't mind but looking at that photo there ain't more than an ounce of fat on ya!! Bet Mrs D must dread you standing in front of a mirror uttering the eternal 'Darling does my arse look fat in this?' knowing that an affirmative response will lead you on your merry way to yet another loon endurance challenge!! Man you are Hardcore... :-)

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