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Winter Training continues in the Snow

Continuing from my last blog post:
After a good start to my winter training Adam and I had decided to ride a MTB enduro which was local to me on the 28 December, the week leading up to this started very badly, with heavy snow the weekend before and the lack of gritting by the council in Reading, I was unlucky enough to slip on an icy pavement and come off second best, smashing my face against the pavement and suffering some delayed concussion (very ill the following day with some dizzy spells). On the 24th Adam called to tell me he was in an Ambulance on his way to A&E and he had fallen of his sons BMX (trying to be a big kid) and thinks he has broken his hip, I spend 4 hours trying to get him from A&E to the car after he was discharged with pain killer and crutches, Fracture Clinic appointment made for 6 January.So, Adam spent Christmas Day on my couch (and remained there for 4 days), I went out on my bike, doing a good 2h45min on the MTB on icy trails, some good fun and feeling a little better after my pavement episode (at least I have no broken bones).

On Boxing Day I woke up feeling rather fat after the Christmas feast, so was in the need of some training. I met a few friends and took Adam's son (Keryn) with me, we went out on the canal into the ranges as the roads were still not quite safe, although the canal was like an ice rink in places (as Keryn found out to two occasions).

We did nearly 3 hours, mostly on single track and although Keryn was knackered when we got back he did well. I had another minor crash, which apparently looked worse then it was, racing down some single track and over a fallen tree on soft leafy ground and I went over the bars, some skin off but no broken bones, after our ride I ended up in my local pub with some friends drinking beer, diet not going well.The next day I woke up with sore shoulders and arms after my crash so decided to rest and have some family time.winter_training_part2aOn the 28th I got out with a couple of friends early and did nearly 4 hours, again on the MTB. We found some more technical single track, I really feel I can explore in the ranges for weeks and weeks and never get bored. The day was icy cold but dry and most of the ice and snow has cleared, so was hoping to get my road bike out again after nearly 3 weeks in the next few days, how wrong was I.On the 29th and 30th I had to go back to work, what a shock to the system, I was just getting use to being a 'Full Time' cyclist, on the 31st I was back out on my bike and making to most of my time away from the office, 3 hours on my own and I went quite hard. I contemplated taking my road bike out but I must say I was getting comfortable on my MTB and had some more exploring to do.We had a quiet New Year party, my wife is 4 weeks away from giving birth to our second child so no drinking our dancing for her, Adam was back on my couch and not exactly in the party mood either, this suited me as I wanted to ride my bike early while most of the public were nursing hangovers .New Years day was icy but got out in the fresh air for another 3 hour ride, the 2nd and 3rd I did 2h30min each so the time in the saddle is starting to add up, not sure about the quality at the moment although the data is showing some good things.Back to reality, I had to face a full week of work and training on the turbo from the 4th, and along came the next snow fall, this time If was not as heavy but its lasting longer as its really cold.After a full week back at work and some turbo training I really wanted to get out on Saturday to get fresh air and more saddle time but firstly I had to shovel the snow out of my drive, this took 2 hours. I got a 2 hour ride in but the snow was so thick in places it was near impossible to ride.On Sunday I did a 3 hours ride of which about an hour was running as the snow was so thick, Still not been on my road bike since 19 December, the snow has been fun but enough is enough ...winter_training_part2c

12 January 2010


  • Boyd

    LOL - im learning fast, if i want to stay is this cold country i need to train in sub-zero :-)

  • coops

    Cos' ya from SA ya loon and don't do 'owt outdoors below 28C.... ;-)

  • Boyd

    @coops WHY? :-)

  • coops

    You are not wired up right...... :-)

  • adman

    Looks cold... glad I'm stuck indoors on crutches... ok maybe not.

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