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Roger Aiken - McNothing In His Lunchbox

Roger Aiken - McNothing In His Lunchbox

Roger 'the Dodge' Aiken sums up his Tour of Ulster experience

Tour of Ulster finished on Monday. On Saturday I found myself in a small group enjoying the spin, I thought I was on my holidays, but then the legs started to talk to me. Shortly after this I didn't contest the KOH sprint and I got spat out the back.

Sundays stage was a lap of the the lough affair. Once again not content to sit in the bunch I eventually made it to the front group with a little help from my friends. After which more groups formed at the front which was 50 odd riders now, . So with 5 guys and 50 miles to go it was time to leave the nest.

Great ride by Conner Murphy who never slowed. In fact when I didn't offer him a drink from my tin of Coke I think he got faster. I came home on my hands and knees for the last lonely 12 miles.

Monday, I moved my seat up 1.53mm. Felt good. 70 miles, 10 laps, up and down, twists and turns - great cycling. 4th on the stage, had I not forgotten the 2 sausages in my pre-race snack of a double sausage, bacon and egg McMuffin I reckon i'd have won the stage.


7 May 2010


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