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Prince not the king as Clinton reins supreme!

Prince not the king as Clinton reins supreme!

On a cold night just outside Coventry the rain clouds gathered, the wind picked up and my short lived hope of a quick 10m TT time vanished…


I was gutted, not feeling that fresh after the Shay Elliot at the weekend I still hoped to knock out a 21. Arrived about 6pm, got out the car and it was very cold!! The rain clouds were coming over and what started as a still warm night disappeared, and it took my time with it.


No choice but to wear two base layers, arm warmers under my skinsuit, leg warmers and gloves!! I am riding the Stealth Pro carbon SRAM Red this year so pump up the tyres, stick in the 82 front wheel and pin on number. Number 15…ready to race!


It was slightly more exciting with the appearance of Matt Clinton. Matt was British Cycling National Hill Climb Champion in 2009 and took the Silver this year behind Pro Dan Fleeman. He has notched up some good TT and RR wins this year and can go Sub 20 on this course. Number 9…thank god he won’t catch me.


5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Go…Thank you, and off I went into the head wind. The first mile is twisting through the lanes of Princethorpe with slight drags. You then come to the straight mile up-to the A45. Imagine why they call it that…you can see the end of the road and the turn but it just doesn’t seem to get any closer no matter hard you ride. It drags up slightly all the way and tonight a head cross wind was blowing. Two things crossed my mind at that point…firstly I was going at 24mph and secondly my heart rate was only 160, when it should be 170 plus. So I was either tired, or just not trying hard enough!!


I was doing the usual trick of changing up and down the gears and achieving nothing!


By the time I turned onto the A45 after 3ish miles I had already caught two people. I had to find something to get me going…a sprint out of the corner and I told myself that a good few miles down the A45 would be great training and I could just roll in if I blew up. So hammered it, up over 30mph, 31, 33, 36 and at some points I even used the 13!!


I had made up some time but the slow start had really cost me, HR was now knocking on the 170 door at 168. I turned for Ryton and held good form up and over the drags to the sports centre. Final turn towards the finish and only 2 miles to go…first I had to get past the Bull and Butcher pub. The road drags for about 1km upwards and the head cross wind was strong. 27, 26, 22, 19mph at one point. God it was hurting.


Over the final drag and sprint down to the finish. That was far too hard for a midweek 10, the HR was now 173 and had been for the last mile. But, the clock never lies.


22.17 – not great, but then again not a great night and I am not exactly in peak TT condition with all the road racing. The comparison to Matt Clinton would give me a better idea of how I had done.


Bike away, change of clothes and a cup of tea and times were in. I had been piped by 10 seconds. M Clinton had won with a 22.07, I was 2nd with 22.17. 3rd placed rider with a long 22 was Jon Wood from the promoting Coventry Cycling Club.


First thing Matt said was, “That was hard and slow”. I didn’t want to let him know that it was always like that for me!


Great event again by the Coventry Cycling Club and if anyone is interested they run events every Wednesday evening over 10 and 25 miles. Next week is the K41/10R out at Wolvey 19.30 start, everyone is welcome and any triathletes looking to improve their bike times could do worse than get a few of these under their belt.

13 May 2010


  • RichardP

    but I have been writing for years only cycling for a couple :-)

  • markl

    bet that took longer to write than do !!!!!!!!!

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