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FBD MILK RAS - The Countdown Begins

It's 10 years since the then ProVision Planet X dream team of Lovatt, Tanner and Randle ripped the Irish roads to pieces scoring a stunning 2nd, 3rd, and 5th overall, winning the team prize by a country mile, and taking the KOM and several stages - whilst Julian Winns' majestic form deprived them of the overall victory it was without doubt a great celebration of the attacking riding styles of three of the UKs most successful  riders, all  in the prime form of their careers.

Time marches on, and with Randle recovering from a horrible smash late last year the sole survivor of the original squad is RAS regular and Planet X stalwart, Mark Lovatt. Creeping out of semi-retirement, the 2010 RAS will possibly be his final swansong.

Joining Lovatt will be fellow hardman Richard Prince, aka "The Ginger Avenger", stung into attack following Lovatt's barbs of "bring your sponge", Prince is bullish about his chances, "make no mistake I'm ready , I won't be  playing it safe and I will take the jersey at the earliest opportunity then defend it all the way to Dublin".

Should Prince falter then he will be supported by some of the elite of Ireland's current crop including Martyn Irvine and Roger Aiken, both live contenders in their own right, who are rumoured to be deeply unhappy at serving domestic duties to "The Avenger".

Whatever happens, follow the race on Planet X's Twitter page - with live updates and immediate post race reports.

FBD Insurance RaS

18 May 2010


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