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THE RAS!! The waiting is nearly over.

THE RAS!! The waiting is nearly over.

After extensive race preparation, namely 10 days, I, the Ginger Avenger arrived in Dublin ready to make my RAS debut alongside Planet X Team mates, Mark Lovatt, Martyn Irvine, Stephen Barrett and Roger the dodger, I nearly put doger!

These riders all have pedigree with world championship, Olympic and commonwealth games road and track racing experience. All accept me that is!

I did ride a few big road races and a couple of track eventsJ. But nothing like this; and a long time ago. This is eight days of hard core road racing with 90 to 110 mile stages back to back. Now, for some of you out there this might seem like a walk in the park, go play stage racing for a week but for me, it is going to be a stretch. My usual training consists of a ride or two at the weekend, a 10 mile TT on a Wednesday and Mallory Park on a Thursday. Hardly stage race preparation.

However, not deterred by a complete lack of training I am here and ready to get my head kicked in. The Planet X nanolight is looking in great shape and thanks to the always supportive Dave L I even managed to get hold of some new Planet X Carbon 50 hand built wheels – they are super light and great for training on.

While I was at Birmingham Airport waiting to board the plane to Dublin I got a text from Frank, our team manager, “can you pick up a couple of bottles of Irish Whisky”. This seemed strange as I was flying to Dublin!!

First stage tomorrow looks like the flattest of the week with one Cat 3 climb and one Cat 2 climb. It is 92 miles which I think is also the shortest stage. Although everyone says tomorrow will be like letting the bull out of the pen so hang on tight!

Lovatt has cracked me already; he’s only got one bottle cage. Then he said you can’t drop back for an extra bottle during the race as you will never get back o again. Energy in, energy out principle and the energy out required to put the energy in is not worth it.

Kit arrived and looks good, see the picture. I am sure this will be on sale soon so get some if you can.

So...time for talking to stop and man the fcuk up!

8 days ahead...

Riding in the gutter...

Hanging on for grim life...

Racing to keep within the time limit...

Daily blogs and Garmin downloads for the spotters...

Take the jersey on day 6...and fight to hold it on the way back into Dublin

22 May 2010


  • AdamR

    Kit looks good. Good luck lads...

  • ianc

    Hey Fella's' Kick butt and stay safe... have a great week!!! Coops.

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