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Exocet Makes International Debut

Exocet Makes International Debut

Luke Dragstra was the first of PX team to compete on the final production model our all new Exocet. He entered last weekends LBS Cup Team TT Triathlon, in Germany, a Team TT with a 1km swim, 30km bike, 8km run.

We've not seen much of Luke since the fitting last month, so I caught up with him this morning to how he's been getting on.

"It was a new feel and I was a little unsure. When I got back to Germany I did one ride on it and one turbo session to get used to the feel.... It stared feeling good so I debuted it at the LBS Cup.... I've ridden some TT bikes over the years, Javelin, Cervelo P3, and more and I have never felt so fast as on this bike. The position is also brand new so I will still get faster on it as the season develops but I am sure to ride my splits ever on this bike.  It has got to be one of the best TT bikes on the Market right now."

Retul bike fitter Andy Sexton of Bike Science set Luke up on his Exocet earlier this month.

If you have a querstion for Luke about the new frame, add it to the comments.

Andy says

" we've put Luke in a more forward position than he's ridden in the past to open up his hip angle while keeping him low and aero, reducing strain on his glutes and hamstrings and allowing him to develop more power at the top of the pedal stroke. The adjustable seat angle of the Exocet frame (78 deg forward position) helps Luke ride more comfortably and more powerfully than his previous position."

Luke was at the front for around 40% of the ride with 1 - 2 min long pulls. With a turn around every 5km they hit a 48km average; it's a great first outing for the Exocet and fantastic to hear such positive feedback.

This weekend Luke will be at Challenge Kraichgau.

We'll be taking order on these next week, sign up to our newsletter for full details.

28 May 2010


  • MartinS

    I would like to point out that although the French did sell Exocet missiles to Argentina (and I seem to remember we used to supply a certain Saddam Hussein with weapons) they also sent several Super Etendard aircraft over to the UK so our Harrier pilots could train in dog fighting against the same aircraft that they would be up against in Argentina. As someone who was serving at the time and lost several friends in the fighting, I have no problem with the name and Andy is building me one in Bristol!

  • BillK

    I wouldn't touch anything with that name with a bargepole. Those of us of a certain age well remember our French allies in Nato, aka surrender monkeys, supplying a country we were at war with, with missiles of that name, and Super Etendard jets, to kill a lot of our young men.

  • alanN

    Hi, Can Ian have one round his house for me to try out please? Alan