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RAS Stage 6

RAS Stage 6

No improvement on GC for GA as UCI Commissaries hatch plotto dent GC hopes

A 10 second penalty on Stage 6 has finally ended the dreamsof a RaS victory for the Ginger Avenger. A very hard day on the RaS covered agruelling 72 miles and 7KOM climbs. The day started badly with a Garden Sausagefound in the Grass by the team area! Not the sort of sausage you want to eatand definitely the sort you should pick up after you dog!

Planet X VIP "Warehouse" Ian joined for the stage and it didnot disappoint. The 1st of the 7KOM did not come until 100km so thefinished was going to be tough. The Ginger Avenger, convinced the race musteasy at some point so he could launch his assault on GC was devastated as therace covered the first 51.8km in an hour.

Attack followed attack followed attack, Lovatt, convincedthe race would come down to his pace looked to skirmish but to no avail.

Then as the race eased before the first climb Lovatt took acall from nature and managed to rejoin the race as they turned onto the first 3CAT KOM. The field was in bits. As they climbed over the top they turned ontothe 2KOM Cat 2. The pain kicked in as GA struggled to hold the pace. Over thetop and the chase was on charging through the convoy at over 70kph the GAswooped past the Planet X team car. As they approached the foot of the 1stCAT KOM climb it was too late.

"That was probably the steepest climb I have ever been up.And it just went on and on and on. Over the top the race was done" said theGinger Avenger. Not in bad company the GA continued the stage with 2 members ofthe Irish Team, a yank, a Germanyand an Austrian rider who wouldn't do a turn.

Losing another 28 minutes in the final 32km the GA islooking like a shell. He also got fined 30 Swiss Francs for holding onto a caron the climb. Convinced it is all part of the plot against him Ginger islicking his wounds listening to another night of Lovatt's life commentary.

30 May 2010


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