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A rocky start for newcomer Iain Alexandridis

A rocky start for newcomer Iain Alexandridis

My name is Iain Alexandridis, I am sixteen years old and I live in Princeton, New Jersey, USA. I have been racing for about a year now. I heard about Planet X bikes from Luke Dragstra who has also helped me in the sport of triathlon and recommended writing a blog post. So here it goes, my first blog post.

I have had some interesting races so far in my one year of racing. My first race ever I spent about 5 min in T1 and looked like a dead fish in the water according to my dad, but managed to pull it together somehow and finish. I had a few solid races after that but of course I still managed some difficulties. This included getting lost on a course that was not marked well to having my first crash but still managing to finish the race in 15th. I knew I was going to have a crash, I just was not sure when it would happen. I have had two races in 2010 and feel like I have finally gotten it right. I finished 10th overall out of 180 people in my first race this season then I finished 10th overall again out of 253 people this weekend.

In the race this weekend I got a really bad transition spot due to showing up late and I was next a man with a disabled son. Both him and his son were racing together with his father biking with his son on the same bike and pushed his son on the run. He had a ton of support from everyone at the race. Its crazy to see something like this especially when all I had to worry about was getting myself across the finish line, while this guy who is 3 times older than me managed to get both him and his son through the race. It was really inspiring and was one of the coolest things I have seen in my experience in sports.

Now that I have had some consistent results I am hoping to continue the good results throughout the summer. My next race is in 3 weeks so hopefully I will write another post by then.

1 June 2010


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