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Planet X Rocks LBS Cup Final

Farlow and Dragstra tore the field up yesterday at the challenging LBS Cup Final in the Black Forest, coming 1st and 2nd off the bike. Farlow ran away with the win and Dragstra held on for 3rd leading Magic-Sportfood Crailsheim team to a dominating win for the day and the top of the League tally.

Both were riding the new Exocet, Farlow coming out of the water in the lead and simply riding away from the field, Dragstra coming out out of the choppy Lake Schluchsee down 90sec and riding through the entire field.  â€˜I have such a great position on that bike and it simply rolls on the flats and is light enough you can kill the hills as well’,commented Dragstra.  We asked Farlow for a comment but couldn’t understand his Farm-boy Aussie English...

Farlow continues his summer of dominance next weekend with his Ironman Debut in Regensburg and will see if his amazing form holds out against Faris Al Sultan and Andi Boecherer.

Dragstra has turned things on just in time after struggling all summer and is looking forward to demonstrating his new-found power at Challnege Copenhagen on Aug. 16.

25 July 2010


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