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Masters Track Action from European Championships

The Masters of disaster came out to play last week at the 3rd European Masters Track Championships held in Manchester.

A fine blend between talent and toe-rag, rag-arse rangers the team included the new Planet X Showrooms manager’s Dad “Last Lap” Clayton, Ian “The Train” Cooper, “Short Stop” Adam Roberts, Mort and the Ginger Avenger.

 â€œSTAR” of the show was Steve Clayton who raced to a European Masters Bronze Medal in the 44-49 yrs points race in an exciting race that went down to the last sprint and finished with the 2nd, 3rd and 4th place riders all finishing on the same number of points. Congratulations Steve.

The exciting week of racing was brought to a climax on Saturday with the Planet X team contesting the European Masters Team Sprint Open and the memorial scratch race. The Planet X Team sprint team rocketed into the ride off for a Bronze medal with Short Stop and Ginger Avenger being joined by “Man Mountain” Marlon to record a time of 51.9 seconds for the 3 lap event; and 3rd fastest qualifier.

 Going into the ride off for the Bronze medal the Planet X team faced up against the Italian Uno team and with only 0.2 separating them in qualifying was all to play for.

Beep, 10 seconds to go...Beep 5, Beep 4, Beep 3, Beep 2, Beep 1, Go...probably the worst 10 seconds on the track waiting for the pain to start!! And the Planet X Team where away hunting the bronze medal. Only 3 laps of the track and the Italian Stallions stood in their way.

Short Stop Roberts led the team way with a great opening lap.

“Man Mountain” Marlon then surged into lap 2 and delivered the Ginger Avenger into the last lap with a 0.1 second advantage.
Hanging on during the final 250 metres the Planet X team clocked a new best time of 51.430 seconds.
Despite setting a new best time for Planet X it was not enough...

This was followed by the memorial scratch race, won by Planet X riders Ginger Avenger and Boyd Roberts in 2008 and 2009, the race ended in a bunch gallop and the Ginger Avenger was only able to manage 6th place followed closely by Simon “mort” Crouch in 7th.

Despite missing the podium the team produced a strong performance that saw them dominate the breaks and attempts to lap the field in an aggressive race that involved the Ginger Avenger being at the front of the race in small groups for the majority of the race. And a big attempt to win the race with 7 laps to go from Ian Cooper as he powered off the front only to be caught with 3 laps to go.

The final day of competition came at the end of a gruelling weeks racing that returned little more than sore legs and battered ego’s as Short Stop just missed the time required in the 1KM time trail to retain his title, Ginger Avenger finished a sad figure in 4th in the 35-39 yrs Points race, Mort rode his tits of but failed to repeat his 6th from last year and Cooper, despite making all the racing for over 60 laps failure to get on the podium in his 40-44 yrs points race.

The team now refocus on retaining the National Team Pursuit Crown won in 2009. The defence takes place at the National Track Championships on 25th September. Missing the young guns of the team the masters will look to replace Sam Harrison (flying to Commonwealth Games) and hold onto their title.

The final target for the team will be the World Masters Track Championships in Portugal at the end of October so plenty of racing and training coming up. We will keep you posted.

If you have a strong pair of legs and are free on Saturday 25th September and want to ride the Team Pursuit let us know!!


5 August 2010


  • Bicibikers Velodrome

    I'm one of those Italians who were honoured to struggle with you for the bronze medal. You were great! Since we are on the Planet X site I would like to inform all of you that I was also riding a Planet X bike, as well as the European champion Angelo Onofri in the time trial 500mt cat 60/64 ys, who was also riding a Planet X bike, identical to mine. I invite all friends to join me on Facebook, you will find me with the nickname bicibikers velodrome.

  • MaximG

    Congratulations to the team. And to Planet-X as a cutting edge bike developer. If one would count the medals won on Planet-X-bikes, they must be some more than the ones mentioned above (including my own silver one). I had the impression that the Planet-X track bikes were the most seen brand in the velodrome.

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