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Thomas Hellreigel latest triathlon results

Race one: Tristar 111 Estonia

Estonia is a very nice country with a lot of forest and lakes. When I
arrived they told me that the heat wave from Russia will come to Estonia.
Well, I thought it cant be too bad so far in the north.

On race morning it was nice warm weather. The lake had about 26C so any
swimsuits for the 1km swim were not allowed. I had a very good swim and came
to T1 with the Top Pros (Chris McCormack, B.Andersson, Phil Graves, Briit
Ailt) in 12:41min.

On the bike Andersson and Graves startet very hard and rode away. After 10km
I droped McCormack and Ailt and rode the rest of the 100km alone.
The race was startet at 11 in the morning and it was getting hotter and
hotter. At 1 o'clock it was about 35C! It was boiling hot and the wind from
the south was getting stronger and stronger. Everybody was just fighting the
heat, not so much the other Pros....

Graves didn’t a very strong 2:17:50 for the hilly 100km in the heat, but he
was dropped by Andersson (2:15:42) in the last of the 3 laps by 2min..
But Andersson had to pay for that! The 10km was with a lot of steep climbs
and it was hot! So Graves got him soon and I nearly catch him as well. With
a little longer run I would have been second...

McCormack suffered a lot in the heat -that was a surprise, because he is
also a Hawaii Champ. He got behind Nicholas Ward, who lives on
Lanzarote and had the fastest run -he lives in hot weather all year...

Next weekend is Ironman 70.3 in Wiesbaden and Graves and Andersson will be
there also. And many other very strong athletes...


Race two: Ironman 70.3 European Camps Wiesbaden

The whole week the weather has been fine (about 26C and sunny), but in the
night before the race the weather changed completely!
In the morning there was heavy rain, storm and eve n lightning!
The swim was the best part on the day because the water was still 22C. I had
a great swim and came out of the water with the top group (B.Andersson,
P.Graves, M.Hecht, M.Raelert,...)

The bike course in Wiesbaden is very hilly (1500m of climbing on 90km) and
technical! So it was very difficult to ride it with wet roads... The last
downhill I did with 83km/h topspeed and there are a lot of corners on the

I don’t like the cold weather and was suffering a lot. My fingers get so
cold that I had problems with shifting and breaking. I got at the
end (11. Overall, somehow 1 agegrouper managed to finish top10) in 4:20:49
and was a little disappointed because I was very fit and with warm weather
top 5 should have been possible.... Phil Graves was 8.Place in 4:18:05 and
he is from GB and should be used to weather like this... but I think the
change from the heat race the week before in Estonia with 35C to Wiesbaden
was just to big.

Michael Raelert won in front of Sebastian Kienle.


14 August 2010


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