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Super-Susa Challenges Copenhagen

Anyone who can call the most extreme Ironman in the world fun, must be either mental or well hard, our Susa is both. Shes won the Norseman Extreme Triathlon two years running, riding her little 650c Stealth, read below for an update of what she's been doing since winning the worlds toughest Triathlon...

I survived also my 2nd long course race 8 days after Norseman , not a big thing but with the 9th place overall at least in the top 10 at challenge Copenhagen. It was a big fun and had a lot of good press about my double. I'm collecting all these things now and send in a while...

Here are a few more pics from the shoot in Norway.

2011 I'm going to have some fun: as a preparing to go for a try to do
the hattrick at Norseman i want to do the xterra series in GER ..may be
also other xterra races... as a former ski racer and strong hill runner
it fits to me and guess its lots of fun.
There are also a few great cross triathlons coming around .. that
should be a good preparing.., also that we have 4 persons in our
office now... more time for training ;-)

Thanks for your support, new press book, reports ect will come soon...






9 September 2010


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