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Mullen wins GHS TT

The GHS Final held at Stone in sunny Gloucestershire on a less than
ideal day for time trials with a 20 mile an hour head wind on the
return leg was won today by Ryan Mullen with a time of 21:16.

The course was straight out and back leg on a road that would leave many
a county council embarassed with the state of the tarmac!
Ryan won by a comfortable 20 seconds over 2nd place rider Germain
Burton. Planet X's other rider Alex Minting came in @ 23:11. Ryan gets
to keep the coveted GHS trophy for another year. This award has been
won before by such Stars as Chris Boardman, Steve Cummings, Ian
Stanard and twice by Alex Dowsett now of Team Radio Shack.
Noticeably the last three riders to win this Trophy have been Planet X
riders. The last one to win prior to Ryan was of course Sam Harrison !
Well done Planet X for supplying an outstanding product!

13 September 2010


  • JulianW

    There is no stopping this young man. Another day, another win. Top notch Ryan!

  • Simon B (Planet X Team)

    That would be a pretty ultrasonic time for a 25! - cheers Ian C!

  • ianc

    10 miles. Ryan's fast!

  • KenB


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