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European Track Championships: PX Martyn Irvine reports

European Track Championships: PX Martyn Irvine reports

Planet X rider Martyn Irvine has been sending us all the details (and we mean all the details) about his preparation for the 2010 European Track Championships, from his base in Pruzskow, Poland.

Martyn is absolutely flying at the moment. Earning himself a Bronze at the Commonwealth games and well on his way to being selected for the Olympics in 2012.He's the only Irish rider to be selected for the European Track Championships. Planet X are proud to support such a strong rider, we expect great things from Mr Irvine, watch his progress live on Eurosport this weekend.

Irvine will be representing the Irish National Squad astride his Planet X Pro Carbon Track Bike, use the comment box below to send Martyn your best.

Martyn sent us the following report on his preparation:

First day on track
This morning started of pretty relaxing with breakfast not until 9am. Typical me and I was wide awake at 8 o'clock. Instead of shuffling around in bed for another hour I decided to get up and do one of the things I hate most as a cyclist, shave my legs! With 15-20mins of my life wasted in the bathroom I got washed up, check a few emails and went down for some breakfast. Breakfast for me is crucial, i'm not kidding when I say that I go to bed looking forward to breakfast, just ask Grace (Grace is my Fiance)  I probably don't need to tell you that because with facebook etc these days everybody knows what everybody is doing. 

Sorry, I've gone of track a bit here. With breakfast into me it was back to the room and pretty much straight onto the rollers for 30mins or so. I've grown to like the rollers these day and I really do feel good after a blast on them.

With a pretty routine lunch at about 12.30 I spent the next hour or so just organising what I needed for the track session at 3pm. I was riding down to the track with the rest of the team and it looked pretty cold out so I had nearly all my cycling gear ready to go.

Layered up like an onion I left with everyone else at 2pm and headed straight to the velodrome. It was an interesting spin down and it lasted a whole 15mins! The roads to the track were scary enough with what felt like a motorway we were cycling on but we finally got to the velodrome in one piece. I did go a bit over kill on the amount of clothing as I was sweating up a bit, not sure if the sweat was from nervous energy or too many clothes I arrive at the track entrance and headed in to have a look.

The track looks massive were my first impressions but it's still 250m its just in a bigger building than normal. Once at track level I was straight over to the pit area which would be the teams little home for the best part of a week. Thanks to Andy, Sandy and Brian the track bikes were built up and just needed the setup tweeked.

With the bikes ready to go I had 15mins or so to chill out then it was time to go. Once on the track I felt great which is a rare thing and the boards felt really smooth to ride on. Warmup over it was time to test the legs with a few efforts, nothing to strenuous as race day isn't to far away. When the session was over it was time to pack up and get outta there, straight back for dinner and a massage.

This is the point where I came in so I of to chill out for awhile.


4 November 2010


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