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Hellriegel Hawaii Ironman Report

Hell-on-Wheels Thomas Hellriegel, completed the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii without a Swimsuit!


The zipper of my swimsuit came open somehow a few minutes after into the race started. That slowed me down a lot, so I had to stop. But I
could not close the zipper again. So I had to take off my swimsuit, during the swim. By the time I’d completed the swim all the Pros were gone. Another age group started 30min behind us, so there were nobody around for the rest of the swim.


Biking was hard alone, but it was going o.k. During the run, I had more problems with an old injury. I was really happy to see the finish line after 9:28h of torture.

Get coaching from Thomas

Back home there was no time to be sad, because I had one more week of
exams to become a coach. Everything was going very well and now I have an official coaching license!


So I you fancy being coached by Thomas, use the commment box below.

Thomas Hellriegel Planet X

9 November 2010

Planet X Triathlon Essentials


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