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Age versus beauty as Minting meets the Avenger in Madis

Age versus beauty as Minting meets the Avenger in Madis

The Planet X Track Titans will go to battle at the weekend in a death or glory track supremacy showdown with age hoping to triumph over beauty.

Planet X young gun, and now a Great Britain Junior Squad rider, Alex Minting teams up with his brother Robert in the Welsh Madison Championships at Newport on Saturday 8th January with his sights set on taking out team captain the Ginger Avenger.
The Ginger Avenger riders with his trusted partner and beauty queen Cooperman! Avenger and Cooperman failed to complete the last Madison they rode crashing in the final six laps on their way to victory. Bronze medallist in the 2007 British National Madison Championships they will hope to use their partnership experience to overcome a distinct lack of race pace, race practice or race preparation.

“I last rode my track bike at Revolution 29 followed by the World Masters Championship”, the Avenger told us at a secret training camp in Newport on New Year’s Eve. He continued, “We have every chance of pulling off a result, Cooperman has never been so heavy! We have both missed weeks of training due to the weather, we haven’t had any track time or track racing since October and the field is full of hitters!”

Young Gun Minting on the other hand is set to dish out a beating with GB training in the bag, track racing at Manchester and youth all on his side.

The race will also have a twist with Planet X turncoat Sam Harrison riding for his new club 100% ME with partner Jon Mould. Harrison ranked Britain’s 32nd best rider in 2010????...left Planet X this year to join the GB Academy, so turncoat is probably a bit strong but if he doesn’t give his bikes back soon he will be getting a county court letter!!

The Welsh Madison comes just a week before the British National Madison Championships in Manchester on Saturday 15th January. Using this as a, get a kicking warm up event, the Ginger Avenger and Cooperman are destined for sore legs and possibly sore ego’s if young Minting hands out the pain.

Read the race report next week!!

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5 January 2011


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