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Eddie Soens Race Report

Our lad Ryan Mullen, toughed-it-out with some of the UKs pro teams to earn himself an incredible 10th! Try to remember Ryan is only 16 and still on restricted gears. Kevin Mullen sent us the following race report:

Planet X Ryan Mullen Eddie SOens 2011




Hi lads, Here's a quick race report of the Eddie Soens memorial race Ryan competed in this weekend...
The weekend kicked off with the famous Eddie Soens Memorial race held on Aintree racecourse. There was a filed of over 150 riders, apparently one of the largest in the race's history. There was a strong showing of the Raleigh Pro team with the majority of their team being present and there were also a few other pro teams there such as Team Sigma Sport, Herbal life wheelbase and Team UK Youth as well as Cycle Premire.

As usual, the race was handicapped, with cat 4's going off first with the women and the cat 3's. Ryan was in the second group to be let off as he is a second cat junior. There was a 1 minute handicap between the cat 4's and Ryan's group.

30 seconds after Ryan's group was released, the remaining cat 2's followed. Then the elite bunch with cat 's following them roughly 1 minute back (Should have been 2!) Ryan was aware that in the past previous junior have won the race by gaining a lap on the elites in the first few laps of the race.

Ryan thought he's give this a go and attacked straight from the line hoping some other riders would follow suit. No one followed and Ryan did the first lap off the front before returning to the bunch. With the elite bunch being set off earlier than what was scheduled, lapping the elites would have been near impossible.

Around the quarter of the way through, Ryan's group had caught the cat 4 bunch and was now one large group. Ryan attacked off the front and spent 5 and a half laps off the front, taking one of the sprint primes in the process.

With the bunch gaining ground, working well together, he sat up. Soon after the elites caught the bunch and the race was more of a chain gang from there on! Ryan was constantly present n the top 20 of the bunch of 150 riders; with attacks being fired off the front a few times a lap.

With one eventually sticking containing around 11 riders, some professional and others from the GB academy. On the final bell lap, Ryan was well placed, managing to squeeze n to the top 10 of the bunch and pacing himself amongst the Raleigh line out.

In the final corner, Ryan was around 7th or 8th in the line and the sprint began. Being on smaller restricted gears than the seniors, Ryan found the sprint fast. Managing to get around 10th in the bunch sprint, just being edged out by another junior on the line. Claiming 27th place overall and getting 2nd junior. The 50-mile race was completed in an average speed of around 27 mph.

Planet X Ryan Mullen Eddie SOens 2011

Well done Ryan! send him some congrats using the comments below:

8 March 2011

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  • Adam

    Nice work.