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PX young gun Chris Latham survives Paris Roubaix

Going into this race I wasn’t expecting anything special as it would only have been my 3rd proper road race, since turning junior the level of racing has really stepped up a bit.

We arrived the day before the race had some food and was out on the cobbles to see what they were like to ride, it was nuts! After a few sections not even at race pace I could tell my hands were going to be killing after it.

I can’t say I was nervous before the start of the race, more excited because I was in GB kit for the first time. The fact I was in one of the biggest races of the calendar for junior, not to mention my brand new Planet X Nanolight.

The race started off quite steady but soon picked up, I knew it was 40k until the first set of cobbles, so had to get myself up there to avoid crashes, after the first set of cobbles started there was a massive pile up right in front of me! Blocking the road, I managed to stay on and drag my bike out of the mess. But the crash knocked my chain off, the quicker I tried to put it on the more I messed up, so a bit help from one of the many spectators soon got me on my way. I must have been quite far behind the peloton at this point and started chasing with this Aussie, I remember at this point not being able to see the peloton, that I wasn’t going to get back on but from all the crowd cheering everyone it helped me.

We got back on eventually after a lot of chasing and I pretty much suffered from there onwards after that big effort, the bunch split into two on the next set of cobles so after that set I managed to get myself across to the main bunch once again, there was about 30k to go at this point and my hands have never been in so much pain they were beginning to get beyond the joke! I struggled on the cobbles and kept dropping of the back. Chasing was hard back on in the straights, you can only do this so many times before you blow. By the 10th or 11th time I blew big time, it was then just a case of getting me to the finish without being swept up by the broom wagon. I think if I was to do this race again I would defiantly wrap tape round my knuckles which a lot of the other countries did, then I wouldn’t have to worry about my hands and stay focused on the race. I was worried that my new bike would be all broken and scratched but it was fine after a good clean its as good as new again.

Chris Latham Planet X Bikes

CChris after Paris Roubaix image:

18 April 2011

Nanolight High Modulus Bikes + R50 Wheels

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