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PX Mullen wins National 25


Mr Mullen reports from this weekends National Junior 25 Championships in Devon:

"After a 6 and a half hour drive to Holsworthy in Devon. Ryan competed in the national junior 25-mile time trial championships. The race was exceptionally well. The 1st 2 miles of the race was even on closed roads.

Ryan was off last, being the favourite after his ride in the championship last year. He didn't disappoint, reaching the turn in a time of 29 minutes and 4 seconds, 9 seconds quicker then his main rival, Oliver Rossi. The return leg saw Ryan put a further 18 seconds in to Rossi to beat him 27 seconds and claim 1st overall. Ryan completed the 'sporting' (hilly bitch) of a course in 56 minutes and 16 seconds. 2nd place went to a disappointed Rossi in a time of 56 minutes and 43 seconds. 3rd went to Luke Grivell Mellor in a time of 57 minutes and 7 seconds.

The race didn't go as smoothly as planned as Ryan's 2 minute man, Alex Royle suffered a mechanical just 3 miles in to the course. Ryan passed Royle, meaning that the next man for him to chase was Oliver Rossi, who started some 4 minutes ahead of him. Ryan had a very lonely 25 miles, not having much to do other pedal. On top of this, the rain came in about 5 miles in to the race, drenching Ryan and the other riders. This caused problems for Ryan as his visor was constantly steamed up as a result of the rain and was having to rub his visor continuously to see through it.
Ryan received yet another CTT champions cap for his effort on the day and more medals to add to his collection of championship medals plus £60. A double national champion this year so far!

Ryan's next goals will be to win the British TT circuit championships and to beat the current junior 10-mile time trial record of 19 minutes and 13 seconds held by Alex Dowsett who now rides for Team Sky.

Ryan was 1 second of this last year as an under 16 when he broke his own previous juvenile record to record a time of 19:14."

PX boss dangled the carrot of a spanking new pair of gold Vittoria shoes if he won by a minute; we’ve put a pair to one side for you Ryan!

As always we try and take the credit for Mr Mullens success but he was riding our new Aero Tri-Spoke wheel on his Exocet, coincidence, we think not…

Ryan Mullen Planet X

Ryan Mullen Planet X

Ryan Mullen Planet X

Ryan Mullen Planet X

6 June 2011


  • ianc (Planet X team)

    Cheers Ryan - one of these then? ...but faster! ;-)

  • Ryan

    It's a maxgear helmet. They gave it to me last summer. A friend of mine offered to spray it for me. He's done the likes of Cameron Meyer's TT helmet and he's currently doing Dave Zabriskey's.

  • Simon B (Planet X Team)

    Steve, its some custom business, he had made especially, were currently investigating the supplier...

  • steve

    Haha yeah that is true. So what kind of helmet has he got, cant see it anywhere on the site(?), is it prototype?

  • ianc (Planet X team)

    Hi Steve - it's one of these.... Lordy lordy...don't tell him about powermeters FGS ... he's too fast already ;-)

  • steve

    What sort of front wheel is that? I wonder if he would benefit frm a powermeter, I hear it can really improve pacing. (not that im saying his pacing is bad!)

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