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Mullen does it again, in style

Planet X prodigy Ryan Mullen took on the regions best senior riders at the Oulton Park motor racing circuit in Cheshire. Mullen still on restricted junior gearing took on the teams from Max Gear including 1st and 2nd cat riders....

Mullen was a marked-man as they all knew he could time trial to victory. Mullen still attacked several times, managing to ride away from them despite shouts from others in the breakaway to ride easy, but he didn't quite understand that request!

In the end after many attacks and attempted breakaways Mullen took them head on in bunch sprints in both Tuesday evening races and won.

Ryan Mullen Planet X

Ryan Mullen Planet X

Ryan Mullen Planet X

Ryan Mullen Planet X

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20 June 2011


  • RichardHead

    Why'd he need to watch where he was going? It wasn't as if there was any likelihood of him riding in to the back of anyone ;-)

  • Gwyndows

    Fab effort but needs to look where he's going in a sprint finish like this.

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