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Latham Survies Otley Crit

Our lad Chris Latham raced with the big boys in Otley and survived. He sent us the following race report from UKs toughest and most exciting crits.


Otley Cycle Races - (part of the British Cyling Elite Circuit Race Series) - 22nd June

This is one of the biggest races I've done in terms of the competition, people like Ed Clancy, Dean Downing and Rob Hayes. Riding for the biggest teams in the UK; Endura, Rapha, Motorpoint to name a few.  I’ve only ever seen them on TV and there I was standing next to them about to race against them!  All the big names were called to the front, whilst I set off more or less at the back.
From the word go it was hard, I thought it would go slower up the little hill on the course, but it didn't! Once I got to my biggest gear that’s where it stayed, even up the hill!  I could probably count on one hand how many times the race slowed-down, it was just flat out all the way.  A break went at some point, not sure when or how many, as I was chewing my stem, trying to keep up - all I know is that it went even faster whilst the teams not in the break tried to bring it back.
Being on restricted junior gear makes it even harder.  Having the restricted gear, was harder going down the hill at the other side of the course,  it was useless peddling because I couldn't go any faster, I was just spinning out! I couldn't eat, drink or spit as I didn’t have time, my head was down and stayed down.  I didn’t even notice the lap board - it was just a blur - so I had no idea how many laps were left until I heard the commentator said three laps to go.

I can usually contest the sprint at the end of a crit but didn’t have any legs whatsoever, just hung on till the finish with the bunch and that was it for me.  I was pleased to stay in the race and not get lapped.  There were about 90 riders down to ride - with around 60 finishing and I came in 47th!  Looking forward to next years race.  It was great to race in front of such a huge crowd - a good taste of the future!

Chris Latham Planet X Bikes

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27 June 2011

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