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PX Susa Wins Norseman - again!

Planet X athlete Susanne Buckenlei, has won the worlds toughest Iron-distance Triathlon; The Norseman again! Breaking her previous course record on her Planet X Stealth. Susa sent us some photos and the following report:

"There was quite a lot of pressure on me this time, when I packed my stuff to leave for going up north. But looking back on my training the last weeks and months and results I felt very well about racing my favourite long-distance again. What´s so special about Norseman. For me there are 3 main reasons, why I went back for the third time.  First an amazing scenery and landscape, what means: jumping from a ferry into a ice-cold fjord, riding to natural parks like Hardangervidda, passing glaciers and in the end running up onto a mountain of stones, 1880m high. That leads to the second reason: the hardest challenge you can imagine in long distance racing. Normally 3500hm climb on the bike and 1500 on the run.

The last main reason is the spirit around the race and the wonderful crew which is organizing it. I felt like coming home when I arrived in Eidfjord and supported by these people all the time before and during the race.

This year Norseman showed a special face to all the athletes. Because of too cold water on day before the race (11°) the swim start had to be changed to a warmer part of the fjord but that ment that also Transition had to be moved. I said: “normally” 3500hm and 180km bike ride. This year the change ment 200km bike, with 3700m climbing. Uhh…

I thought Norseman is tuff enough already. But that was not enough: Because of the tide coming into the fjord also the swim turned into a real fight for the athletes. First male came out of the water after an hour and also my swim split was 10min slower than last year, even if I worked lots on my performance this year. It was Tom Remman winner of 2009 who came out first, followed by Tim DeBoom (2x Hawaii champ) , who won the race in the end with 11:18h.

I came out of water in 4th, out of Transition in 3rd position but was able to take the lead after 60-70km on the bike. From the beginning I felt very stable and strong so i was able to ride the same split like last year, even we had 20km and 200hm more. Coming of the bike with around 14min lead I was able to do my fastest run in these 3x racing norseman and win the race with a 25min gap to second and 58min gap to 3rd place girl. Because of the long swim and 200km bike I was never fighting for a new record, thinking that it is impossible on a day like that.

After running half way into the trail hans told me that I´m still on the way to break my record from last year. My first thought: “Not again”. It was now the 3rd time that I had to fight for the record in the last half an hour running and hiking totally exhausted in the big rocks and gravel. But of cause:  knowing that I can do a new record we speeded up as much as it was possible after more than 12h racing and in the end it worked out by 3 min. 13:10 is the new record at Norseman and for me it ment HATTRICK – my main goal in 2011.

What’s coming now.. On the schedule is Xetrra GER and SWISS in the next 3 weeks but because of having pain in my front foot all the time in the marathon it might be that I have to cancel these to get fit and fresh for the second highlight Challenge Henley on Thames UK in 5.5 weeks which is fixed yet. I give it a few days and a colder look from my physio, then I decide about the Xterra races, which should be some exercises for 2012 where I want to race the European series and more Cross races.

Big thanx to Planet X/On One to support me with perfect stuff: My little super stiff stealth brought me now 3 wins at norseman, top3  and 4 in Ironman and fit like its handmade for me. The cool thing is the many different sizes which make possible that you find the perfect size for every athlete.
And as a girl I´m also happy that Planet X is developing extra stylish bike and leisure wear every year… LOVE IT!
Yours happy Susa…"

Photography: KAI OTTO MELAU

Susa Norseman 2011

Susa Norseman 2011

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10 August 2011

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