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Madison Silver For Latham

Chris Latham (Planet X) and Josh Papworth (Cult Racing), took part in the National Junior Madison Championship last week at the Manchester Velodrome.

The Madison is a fast and furious 'team-of-two' event where each rider does a 'turn' around the bottom of the track, while their team-mates 'rest' around the top. The riders change places by skillfully slinging each other into the fray. Riders need excellent track skills to be able to race safely while negotiating the other teams on the track. It's certainly one of the most exciting events to watch ... if not one of the most confusing!

Lap of honour


After collecting a fine silver medal, Chris said "Before the race I think we knew we were one of the stronger teams and knew we could get a medal. We didn't really have a race plan (who was going for what sprints etc), but decided just to ride the race as it came.

"We placed 2nd in each of the first two sprints, but hadn't really wanted to go all out in case another team tried to gain a lap ... in which case we would have wanted to have been able to go with the attack. In the next 3 sprints we placed 3rd which put us 3rd overall - only 1 point behind the Raleigh team.

"The Gold medal was already assured as the Hargroves Team had already accumulated an unassailable lead points-wise but if we finished in front of Raleigh in the final sprint we could take second place in the points. With 3laps to go my partner, Josh (Cult Racing), held his position in front of team Raleigh, and when he slung me in with one lap to go I buried myself to win the sprint and took second place overall."

Well done Chris and Josh!

10 October 2011