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Prince on Full English Form

Planet X stalwart Richard Prince just scored a bronze medal at the UCI Track Masters World championships. The "Ginger Avenger" is full of beans and back on full English form… Check the rear of the prototype jersey- Team Full English in 2012 anyone?

Well done Rich. And for any of you track fans out there just a reminder that the massive Franko Bianco carbon track bike with free carbon 50mm wheels for £899 is still on. You can order that here.

Richard Prince takes Bronze at Track Masters WorldsRichard Prince takes Bronze at Track Masters WorldsTeam Planet X Full English!!!

17 October 2011


  • MichaelB

    No, I won the 45-49 points. But it was a good win too ;-) I read a very nice article about this race on Something to print out and hang on the wall.

  • Avenger

    You won the 35-39 points? If so it was a very good win

  • MichaelB

    Well done, Richard! I can add a gold medal in the points race to the palmares of Planet-X track bikes. When will a pink track fork for world champions be available? In the meantime I am helping me with a pink TT-fork.

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