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It's all about the (colour of the) bike

It's all about the (colour of the) bike


Handling, responsiveness, rigidity, weight, advanced materials technology – they're why people buy bikes right? You make a fully thought-out carefully-considered decision, based on your budget, the riding you do and the technical merits of the vast array of bikes on the market, right? Right?


Well, wrong if you're Planet X customer David Johnson, who you can see proudly displaying his shiny new RT-57 here. David chose the RT-57 after coming to our showroom and global HQ. “When I visited Rotherham and saw the photo of the yellow and green frame, it just had to be that, since I have been a big fan of Norwich City since childhood.”

Take a look at the Canaries website, and lo! the team colours are very close to the RT-57's bright colour scheme. Dave's wife approves too, though not for football reasons. “The brighter it is the safer it is in her book,” he says.

Dave heard about Planet X through a colleague, the German chief operating officer of his company Opta Sports, who keeps a Planet X in the London office to ride when he's over here.

On the advice of our custom-spec expert Big Frank, Dave had his RT-57 specced with a 32-tooth big sprocket to give him low gears for his big target of 2012. “I am joining 5 of my Opta colleagues to ride stages 13 to 17 of the Tour de France next year as part of the Tour de Force,” he tells us.

Opta Sports supplies sport data to TV stations, newspapers and other big media outlets, and has recently become more involved in cycling. “This year, our cycling coverage increased with the introduction of the IG Markets Pro Cycling Index,” says David. “We are known in the football world for our fiendishly difficult pub quizzes (here's the latest). We have recently held our first cycling pub quiz which we are glad to say proved to be just as difficult (here it is with answers).”

Fiendish indeed – most of them foxed us!

Enjoy your new bike, David and we hope you don't need that 32 sprocket too often in the Tour de Force.

And come on you Canaries!


25 December 2011