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science of bikes

science of bikes

Dave one of our Race team members has blogged a lot about his DIRTY DISCO, he was one of the test riders of our new race ready 29er the DIRTY HARRY.


He took part in a brilliant local race called HIT THE NORTH, instead of riding just the one bike he set off to compare both bikes back to back...



So… my grand idea for Hit the North this year was to lay to rest any speculation that it’s faster on a ‘cross bike or mountain bike. In a two hour race, I would race half on one and half on the other.

After a second place in 2011 at this tough-but-cuddly suburban event inside of the M62 circle, I felt in a good position to prove in incredibly unscientific fashion whether the bike you’re riding is key on a course like that… 

The best laid plans, eh? Tssk. For various reasons (mainly listed below) it wasn’t ideal comparison conditions.

1.Rock solid ground
… even the “muddy bits” were rutted and solid (max temp was -2°C) dissolved away the significant advantage of a cyclocross bike.  They ride through mud better, and weigh less when compared to a mud-laden MTB

2.Rider issues
I’d had a few very tiring days and sleep-lean nights leading up to Hit the North this year. If you want  anything like this to work you need a stable consistent rider.  I was fit on Saturday, but not in race shape. Bleary eyed, tired dads don’t make very good lab rats.



Now for the science bit......



You can read how it went at Dave's blog HERE

7 February 2012


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