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Harry's Tempo Increases in Ecuador

Just in from Olympic hopeful and planet x stalwart "Dirty" Harry Wiltshire who is in the third leg of a point chasing trip round the South American continent - find out why Harry is loving the Ecuadorian beach life !



A pre race week in Ecuador passed slowly. Time was marked by the constant drip of broken air conditioning and the wail of a car alarm from the street 7 floors below. The dogs had become immune to the noise. In Salinas the strays keep their ears and tails down, only occasionally opening an eye as if to say "you fools, it's far too hot for anyone to care" 


Almost everyone who raced in Peru the week before was doubling up. That meant each morning at breakfast the Russian got to psyche me out by staring at me through his stale bread roll like Ivan Drago through Rocky. On Thursday the fresh athletes came and we all got to stare with disgust at those who weren't trying to do two in one week. 


I don't have exciting tales of the fun things I did for a week in Equador. I didn't do fun things for a week in Equador. The dogs had given up caring, but I hadn't. There isn't enough time left for me to mess up a race. I tried to keep cool and I listened to the endless dripping. 


A couple of good things happened in the race. The local boy got so much outside assistance they disqualified him, the Russian got disqualified too. The ginger Danish boy liked the heat even less than I did. A couple of bad things also happened. I got on the front of the swim then let an Argie come around me who was slowing the race up for his team mates. 25 of us spent the bike looking at each other resulting in an average power lower than the girls. I struggle with running at the best of times, so in the heat and still clenching cheeks I managed 13th. 


Three races down and I've upped my ranking 70 places. I stand a chance of getting a start next month at the World Championship series in Sydney. To be eligible for Olympic selection I have to be ranked top 140 in the world at the end of May. I hoped I'd be safe with these results, but it's a bit too close for comfort. The points chasing might not be over.


Post race I wanted out. Two weeks in South America, two hot, dirty, smelly cities. Two average results, sunburn, blisters, a torn calf, a significantly dented bank account and the prospect of having to get home and do it again. 

Bikini Tempo Salinas 2012 restored my faith in humanity. 


Post race we used our pigeon Spanish to persuade a particularly flustered stage director with an incredible pony tail that athletic white guys would look good for the audience shots. We were ushered to the front row. I didn't expect much. I was wrong. WOW! Just plain wow, and then it started raining!


I was on a sandy white beach in South America at sunset watching a dozen girls with legs up to their arm pits in tiny bikini's and high heels getting soaked by warm rain and sliding down a plastic runway. Planet X, thank you for sponsoring me. 


16 March 2012


  • ChristopherD

    Girls in bikini's and the N2A I love this web site.

  • JonnyB

    You lucky, lucky [email protected]!

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