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First Team Guru Win of the Year

First Team Guru Win of the Year

Over in the exciting world of Italian racing. Our interesting and somewhat flowery race team GURU has scored it's first WIN!

Below is a translation of the race report, and a lovely video of the race. 


Cervia (RA) 

April, 2012

Success confirmed for the seventh Sportur Bicycle Show, which is fully booked in the first edition of the race a limited number. The prefect of Ravenna Bruno Corda to the starting line. 

E 'Leonardo Pinizzotto (Team Planet X Guru Selle Italy) the overall winner of the 16th Marathon Cycling Selle Italy The Salt Road. The most anticipated race of the early season has ended on the 7 th Sportur Bicycle Show, creating a truly exciting, that given the long snake of cyclists at the start, accompanied by shouts of encouragement from friends and family, from background music , the enthusiasm of many people on the street and by the blessing of the priest Don Umberto di Cervia. It is tested among athletes at the starting line the prefect of Ravenna Bruno Corda.

The group then known faces from the different samples and cycling: great champion Mario Cipollini, considered one of the best sprinters of all time and record holder with 42 successes in the Tour of Italy, the first official release after the declaration of intention to return running at a competitive level. With him also, and Alexandre Bajenov Max Lelli, and along with professionals from the Farnese Vini team Selle Italy Rafael Andriato and Gianluca Mirenda, and the female team athlete Susanna Zorzi MCipollini Giambenini Gauss.

At the start of the German national team athletes also disabled. With a sprint Imperial Leonardo Pinizzotto won the 16th edition of the Marathon Selle Italy Via del Sale. The twenty-six Pisan sprint to beat a squad of a dozen units, after previously to animate the race was a draw of Andrea Beconcini, resumed after arrival were missing about ten kilometers.Despite the cold and fog, which for several miles accompanied the race, the event showed once again sold out, organizers delivering another full consensus.

To complete the picture, the excellent service provided by the host exceptional 2012 edition, or Mario Cipollini, and over a distance of 150 km long he rode with the best until the final stages, leaving it to others to dispute the sprint. Pinizzotto, with a recent past as a professional, thus confirming their qualities as sprinter, winning much on the sea across the road Fantini Club A sprint that none of the men on the run and that he could not resist!

Didn't they do well!

Read (if you're fluent in Italian) the full article here.

2 April 2012


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