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Coops tops the PX road results at Swynnerton Circuit

Ian Cooper topped the Planet X in-house results table at the weekend with a stunning 2nd place on the grinding Swynnerton Circuit, as part of the LVRC Stallard series for old people. 

Sometimes found driving a train as part of his part time job, our old boy was found driving the race-long break that contested the honours.

"Steady start for 15min then into the race proper. It was hard paced from the off. I stayed front and centre and bided my time until after about 7 miles and joined a group of 5. I quickly moved up to 9th, pulling through strong. I took prime comfortably then settled in for the race.

"After an hour started getting cramp twinges on climbs so I quickly necked a bottle (plus salt tabs) and it seemed to ease it a little. Last lap I got shelled on a hill with bad cramp both quads. I managed to recover enough to get back on through the cars.

"Followed up to 200m to go, then I came off the wheel as hard as I could but again cramping! I got rolled by half a bike but was still 2nd in my age group."

True to form, Coops managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory getting rolled by local lad Richard Barnett in the seven-up sprint for line.

“The break went in the first part of the race so I just tried my luck. Once we got a gap it was steady away really. I felt strong going through the finish every lap but just went to early coming in to the finish.”

Riding the handmade SARTO frame (coming soon to Planet X) and the Planet X R50 hand built carbon wheels. "The R50’s are probably the best Planet X wheels I have ever ridden. I have just got some new 80’s too so I am looking forward to getting them out in the next few weeks during some circuit races.”

Planet X legend Mark Lovatt will no doubt have his eye on Coops' current top rider status.

18 April 2012


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