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Disaster strikes as Coops crashes out of Welsh Madison

The Ginger Avenger and Ian Cooper left the Welsh valleys with bandages around their neck on Tuesday night, and not the desired Gold Medals as Ian Cooper crashed out of the 2012 Welsh Madison Championships after only 50 laps.

The Planet X pairing, riding together for the 4th year, have plenty of Madison pedigree. Bronze medals in the British Cycling National Madison Championship only three years ago and wins last year in the Brixton Super Madison meeting at Herne Hill and the Ron Beckett Trophy for the past two years.

In a daring raid on the Welsh Valleys the pairing spent the first part of the race getting back to the feel of the boards under their wheels as they raced around the Newport Velodrome at over 30 mph.

In this fast and furious event the Planet X duo take it in turns to race around the track, in the race, and then swing in their partner to join the action while that rider rests circling the track above.

In a first ever sneak peak we have managed to get the Garmin download from the Power Meter of Ian Cooper which gives some indication of the intensity of the event.

The race started at 32.8mph and didn't let up. The Ginger Avenger and Coops followed the wheels

in a deliberate attempt to watch the Welsh riders smash each other in to the ground.

The plan to take a lap on the field during the later stages of the race looked solid as the laps ticked, but then disaster struck.

Paying little or no attention to the riders around him, riding at over 33.7mph Cooper got himself stuck in a position with a team changing above him and crash bang wallop he hit the deck hard. 

Coops: "I'm old, stiff, tired and I've fallen off to make it worse! No, bit bruised and battered but i'll be rite. Luckily I have got no damage to my bike so the boss will be happy. To be fair I have been due a stack - it's normally the Ginger Tosser who falls off when we are about to win."

Speaking after the event the Ginger Avenger said, "We have ridden a few Madisons in our time and with a bit of luck we could have got a result tonight. It started fast, and stayed fast, but I was adjusting to the speed and it was beginning to feel comfy. We wanted to let them get tired and race the first 80 laps in to the ground. Then hit them with a sucker punch. Win some, lose some and me and Coops will be back to win some later in the year"

The Madison vital statistics: top speed 36.9mph, top hear rate 179bpm, top power 785 Watts, top cadence 134 rpm.

Check out Garmin stats from minute 42 to the time of impact at 58 minutes. The speed, power and HR spikes are enough to put you off Madison even if the crashing doesn't!

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20 April 2012


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