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Hurt Like Hywel Part Two: Yes, another hill session

Hurt Like Hywel Part Two: Yes, another hill session

Five weeks to go until the highlight of my cycling year. It’s a week of cycling up some of the classic Alps climbs but with a bunch of middle-aged triathletes who have submitted into doing as they are told.

I’m off to Lake Annecy for swimming, running and cycling a 100 miles a day.

Okay, so it'll hardly be a peleton smashing out 25mph for six hours, it'll be more a 15mph plod of waiting for the coffin-dodgers to ascend everything over 3% in their easiest gear.

And the non-stop questions about how long, what gradient and how long the climb will take.

The routes are planned with some of the tour classics of the Madeleine, Colombiere and Cormet de Roselend, but also the gems that I have found from previous visits of the Signal De Bisane, the Plan Bois and Col Du Pre (which are deemed as too hard for Le Tour).

Five weeks out and I should be doing 300 miles a week in training. But the weather has been shite. The bulk of my training has been running in the rain.

However, to get ready for the Alps, all I can do on the bike play on the turbo or get out to short hills and knock out a few reps, so here is another hill session to try out.

Key Killer Workout…

1. Find your local incline and ride up it pretty fast, staying seated and in a normal riding gear. Don’t kill yourself like attacking Jan Ullrich, instead tap it out like Jens Voigt.

2. Depending on how long it takes, you need to be able to break it up into 10 sections. The easiest way is to work out 10% of the total time it takes, eg. if the hill takes 2 minutes to climb, break it up into roughly 10 second sections. (Okay, if you do the maths and it works out at 12 secs but 10 is close enough.)

3. Now do 10 reps which get harder each time by unleashing your Contador-esque attack at ever-increasing distances from the top.

4. So, on rep 1, attack the climb 10 secs from the finish by standing on the pedals and giving it the large.

5. On rep 2, you go from 20 secs out and so on until...

6. On rep 10, where you'll be attacking after 10 seconds and hanging on for dear life until the finish.

It hurts, but when you need to do that for an hour, the pain soon subsides.


Let me know how you get on. As usual, if you have any comments or questions, leave a comment in the box below.

What you need to know about Hywel

  • Age: 37
  • Height: 5'9''
  • Weight: 68kg
  • Nationality: Welsh
  • Irondistance PB: 8.44 (Roth 2009)
  • First Triathlon: Almere Long Distance 2000
  • Favourite Training Venue: Lake Annecy
    Race highlights:
    Euro Long Distance Champion
    3 x British Middle Distance Champion
    UK Double Ironman Champion
    World 100k Indoor Rowing Record Holder
    UK Marathon Indoor Rowing Record Holder
    Other stuff:
  • He is a full time teacher 
  • He is legendary for his 'Hywels Hurt Box' training sessions 
  • He was made to squeal like a pig by Wayne Randle 
  • He is on YouTube bending bars on his head

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2 May 2012


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