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Racing Roundup

Our regularly weekly round up of racing results, titbits, rumours and tales from the Planet X / On-One athlete village.

British National Mountain Bike Series Round 2, Dalby Forest

Gem from Team On-One/Buff won! Gem writes...

"Half way through the practice lap the heavens opened and I think we must have had all kinds of weather possible….heavy rain, hailstones, high winds and even a bit of snow! Needless to say we got back to the van and were soaked! I had to change into my spare set of race kit as everything was soaked through; my lifesaver was getting into dry, warm clothes as I had about an hour and a half before race start. It was that cold I wore two two jackets to warm me up again before the race! Tony had to use the Nomad to wash down my bike as it was absolutely covered in mud!

"I drunk my pre-race drink and had a gel to get my energy and hydration level prepped for the race and before I knew it, it was time to take my warm layers off and get to the start line.

"At the start line I had the last few tips from Tony, lined up and BANG  off went the race gun and it was time to hit launch control!

"The weather conditions were still very bad and the mud as thick as porridge, by the end of the first lap I had a minute lead on second place. As I went through the start/finish line, I heard Tony’s cheers of encouragement and how much time I had pulled on second place. I knew I had to push harder to widen the gap.

"By the end of the race I had pulled a 5 minute 39 second lead on second place, and as I went through the finish line I punched my fist in the air with joy. Tony came and congratulated me and we made our way back to the van. I was that muddy, Tony had to wash me down with the Nomad before I could even think about getting changed and into the van!"

Welsh Downhill MTB Association Series: Round 1, Rheola

Planet X rider Nial Oxley did pretty well considering he crashed in the first run and punctured in the second. 9th place in a very competitive category is a decent finish. Rheola was very wet and muddy and crashing was common across all categories.

This coming weekend Nial's off to race at Farmer John's over Stockport way. He's done well there before.

He's also just started training at a new gym called Vitruvian Fitness in Mytholmroyd, just near his school. He's being trained by Ben Hartley who has specialised in sprinting and power lifting so expect to see more muscle and fast twitch response from Nial soon.

Prestwold Youth Racing Series - Race 1

Planet X's Tom Dussek claims the top spot.

1 Master Tom Dussek Planet X
2 Master Toby Barnes Lichfield City CC
3 Mr James Luscombe Derby Mercury RC

Barkston Circuit Race League: Round 2

Planet X racers Jakes Scott and Tom Dussek (again) getting on the podium.

1 Blake Cowley (Clay Cross RT)

2 Jake Scott (Planet X)

3 Ben Ives (We Love Mountains RT)

Youth C:
1 Jack Ford (Wakefield Junior Triathlon Club)
2 Tom Dussek (Planet X)
3 Jake Norton

Jason Miles prepares for the 24hr Solo World Champs

Jason: "Following a brief low-point around 12 Hours Of Exposure – which included an unspectacular result and a bout of illness – things picked up with my preparation for the 24 hour solo World’s, now less than three weeks away.

"I’ve managed to put that frustrating couple of weeks behind me and I’ve had a satisfying couple of big training weeks and followed the plan. The next week-and-a-bit are pretty heavy but I’m doing ok. Fitting it in. Feeling good.

"Have I done enough? I think so. As much as I can anyway. In spite of seemingly relentless bad weather I’m still motivated – probably motivated by the thought of riding somewhere warm and sunny (I hope)."

Read more about Jason's prepping on his most excellent blog.

Read more from Ryan, Colm and other Planet X team riders.

4 May 2012


  • Jason Sinden

    Raced the Whippet again on Sunday. This time at SWSCP XC race in the veterans category. Very muddy, tough race on a technical course, but finished 1st. The bike is an undecalled red whippet frame, with Urano XC wheels, racing ralph rear, rocket ron front. SIDS up front, with XTR crank. The light weight (21 lbs) and set-up (flat carbon bars with bar-ends) makes it a killer on the climbs.

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