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Jake Update

Jake Update

The story so far for first year Planet X junior Jake SCOTT who has decided to challenge himself by cycling up in Elite races, this is what he has to say!


SHEFFIELD GP 1hr – 25th July 12

A skip and a jump across the Woodhead to Sheffield, after sorting my kit out I wondered to the little boys room and bumped into Dave (The Boss) and Big FrankI wasn’t expecting that one.

Anyway restricted gears or not I was prepared to give it my best shot, the course was fast with tight corners, cobbles, long windy straights, and oh yes those professional riders.

I lasted 40 minutes with the main group trying as hard as I could but then got dropped back to a smaller group because the pace was so quick and relentless. I managed to finish on the front of the group I was in kicking off the front for the finish I was only glad that didn’t get lapped, but I knew I,dbeen in a bike race.


BBM 90 miler – 29th July 12

Turning up to see Raleigh GAC, made a hard race even harder, the weather looked good but half way through the first lap the heavens soon opened, with the lads from Raleigh spotting the cross wind.

The first lap the race was soon split in to 2 groups which contained 6 Raleigh riders, me and 5 from other teams. After settling down we soon had a good 3 or 4 minute gap but with 6 Raleigh boys they weren’t going to leave it for a group sprint.

So a 4 man group sneaked off up the road with 3 Raleigh riders included, trying to help get the group back, Isoon found myself lacking energy and when the other Raleigh riders put the hammer down I was shelled with 2 to go, riding a lap on my own and a lap with a group of 4 I ended up finishing 15th, a very hard race indeed.


CROSSTRAX70 miler – 5th August 12

Not much too tell really, a rolling course with a hard flat section on the other side of the course, with an Elite line up of again 6 Raleigh lads, 3 or 4 Motorpoint and a couple of Endura chaps including Ian Wilkinson.

The pace high from the start the group soon got smaller, and with a big group nipping away with a lap to go I was soon on the back foot, but we got the majority of that group back which meant I was still in for a good position, with a group of 10 up the road points were still available, so with the finish on a hill it was time for a big last effort, eventually I finished 15th beating a couple of the Raleigh lads, and also a couple of Motorpoint riders, job done a good days riding.


BELGIUM Weekend 11th August 12 -Interclub 112 Kilometres – 11/8/12

I was invited to ride in Belgium on a 6 man composite team in a UCI race which consisted of 12 laps with 21 teams totalling 150 riders.

The weather was extremely hot 28 degrees but with cross winds, the roads varied from rough to smooth and from narrow lanes to fast straight streets through the town centre and open country side, it was definitely a testing course.

There was a lightening pace from the off with a the lead riders opening up a 1 and a half minute lead, all the Brits played our part chasing down bringing riders across and creating gaps which resulted in 3 distinctive groups. After trying to get across to the front group I gave it up as a bad job and decided to stay where I was and finish, and due to our individual overall finish positions we took the 3rd place prize out of 21 Teams happy days.




2nd day Local Race Individual 96 Kilometre – 12/8/12

The local races are usually easier than inter clubs we were all looking forward too a bit of prize money, but when Garmin Slipstream Junior Development Team turned up, and a few hopefuls from the American national team, we soon realised it could be a bit of a challenge.

So sporting my best Planet X Guru kit I thought in for a Fenning in for a Deutsch Mark ! Just like day 1 the race set off at a furious pace, but half way through the race I started too realise that the Garmins boys weren’t showing what we thought they would, so with a break up the road with 3 fellow Brits in it I eventually jumped across.

However with the style of the course we were brought back 3 laps later, so I dropped back in the bunch took a breather and formed a cunning plan for the last lap, I worked my way towards the front of the bunch and with about 400 metres to go gave my all.

I thought I had it in the bag but one of the Belgium riders knicked it on the line by half a wheel leaving me in 2nd place, but taking a few Euros pocket money eased the pain and 2nd out of 102 isnt bad, but I,m still looking for that first win !





21 August 2012


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