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Wolfi rocks Hawaii

Our athlete Wolfgang Schmatz reports on his Ironman race, aboard his Planet X Exocet2:-

"Hi Dave

I am trying it to explain it in my own words, maybe you have to translate it in your English :-)  sorry!!!

It was my seventh time starting in Hawaii World Championschip race this year. I was well prepared by my coach (best coach ever) Susanne Buckenlei from Professional Endurance Team here in  Germany.

You have to love the island, the climate, heat, humid heat, if you want to make a good race. Mc Cormack needed 7 years to win it, so I thought it would be a good moment for me too.

After a third place in Age Group 45 in 2007, I have been dreaming to win this race. Now I have accomplished it, winning the champion chip race in the age group 50 with 9.31 Std (1.05 Swim/ 5.10 bike/ 3.10 run) and  (124 place overall).

This year we had pretty tough weather conditions, pretty bad wind, "Mumuku blowing  up and down towards Hawi and no clouds during the day, just sweltering heat.

But I had a great feeling during the whole race, a very top race bike from planet x,( exocet II) a big thanks to you, Dave and your team for supporting me so great.

I had not a second in which I was suffering  during the race, I just was smiling, enjoying the  race. I was just feeling I can do it today.

After the bike part I tried to run as hard as I could, it was very dangerous, twice I was short on collapsing but I got in to the finish line in unbelievable 3.10 marathon, winning by 23 minutes in front of the second athlete.

When I stepped on the podium one day later at the winning ceremony, the second guy from Australia told me " They told me already not to go to Kona because Schmatz is coming"!!!!

Aloha and Mahalo

From your athlete


25 October 2012

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