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Burrow Heads up Granfondo Team VVF

Planet X Bikes have again confirmed their support and commitment to the fast growing Italian granfondo scene. This past weekend Team VVF-Planet X was presented to the press and public in the picturesque surroundings of Sestri Levante on the Italian, Ligurian coast. Our own Jamie Burrow heads up the Italian team, and despite an unfortunate training accident which will delay his season start, Jamie looks to lead team VVF and Planet X bikes into another successful year. Here's Jamie's account:

"I didn’t really make the grand entrance into the crowded hotel conference room that everyone had expected. I actually hobbled my way to the front of the room on crutches after my untimely training accident. This aside, it was great to catch up with old team mates after a winter of relax, and meet the new additions, all eager to get kitted out and get the season rolling". 

"I came back to the granfondo scene with team VVF last year, after a two year break from competition. It was a modest team, but after two years away, my goals were also to be pretty modest, as i had no idea of the level I could return to.  Most people are unaware of the high level at the front of these events in Italy. Unlike the UK, where we take out a categorized racing license if we wish to race. Italy has a completely different system. There is an under 26 category, for all budding, wanna be pro’s, called Dilletante. Outside of this category, if you fancy pinning a number on your back and competing competitively, your only option is granfondo! With high demand of riders wanting pro contracts, and very limited spots on teams, granfondo has become the alternative way of making a living from racing your bike, and this has made the level very, very high".

"Fortunately for me, my body decided to respond positively when i asked it to push itself to the limit once again. This of course brought results, including the prestigious “Maratona Dles Dolomites” which took team VVF to a new level. The team has grown considerably for 2013, both in strength and numbers with regards to riders. We have also secured some great backing from our numerous sponsors, which is always very helpful, especially in the current economic climate". 

"And ultimately for myself and the rest of the team, the commitment shown by Planet X in providing bikes and technical assistance for the whole team, is just fantastic".

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Jamie Burrow- Team VVF / Planet X pro rider.

Team VVF is a sporting division of the Italian Fire brigade, based in Genova. Over the weekend of 26th/27th January, the team had its first official get together, laid plans for the 2013 and tested out their new equipment.

Following a very successful 2012 season with over 20 victories from the granfondo, media fondo and women’s categories, Team VVF-Planet X are now seen as one of the leading teams on the International granfondo circuit. 

We are using Planet X N2A and MONDO race frames, with Sram RED and FSA components and Planet x Pro Carbon 50 tubular wheelsets. You can follow all the action from the team, here on a regular basis, or at the team website here ( But you will have to understand Italian:-))

Jamie Burrows heads up Planet X Team VVFJamie Burrows heads up Planet X Team VVFJamie Burrows heads up Planet X Team VVF 


29 January 2013


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