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He is Russian and he sounds hard

He is Russian and he sounds hard

Vladislav Borisov - He Russian and he sounds Hard - and Burrows breathes a sigh 

Jamie Burrow the three time winner of the Gran Fondo Dolomitti and our new man in Italy and our newly promoted clothing designer is breathing a massive sigh of relief.  

They say the key to a good season is a mountain of winter miles and solid  base training and only two weeks ago Burrow sheepishly rocked up at his team launch with the only thing under his belt being an extra few inches, a mountain of air miles and a good few months of doing nothing more than clearing out the Sab factory.  With his first race only a few weeks ago it was fair to say he was feeling a bit guilty. 

Sometimes in cycling you get good and bad breaks, Burrow has experienced both recently - first a hairline crack of the pelvis following a crash put him further behind his non existent winter training schedule, but then all of a sudden up pops a face saving Russian super hero by the fantastically russian  name of Vladislav Borisov, a rider with a palmàres that makes him look doubly hard. 

So Jamie can breathe a sigh of relief, bluff it further by telling team management he can "play an early season supporting role" whilst desperately trying to ride some form into his limbs whilst trying to play catch up for the lost winter miles.

Read the official thingy below, but you cant kid us Jamie - get pedalling before its too late   



Team VVF - PLANET X have announced a fantastic last minute signing for the 2013 season.

2007 Russian pro road champion, Vladislav Borisov is the latest big name to join the team,  bringing years of experience to the fast growing setup from Genova, Italy.

Team manager Roberto Portunato was pleased to finally add Vladislav’s name to the roster, after a winter of talks between the two.

“After a 2012 well above our expectations, we have reinforced the team for 2013, to try and hold our position as one of the countries top teams. Vladislav is the icing on the cake for our elite team, having already acquired the services of Matteo Zanelli to help Jamie Burrow in the key mountain events. 

He is avery versatile rider, having been Russian Professional champion on the road and World champion on the track".

2012 Maratona dles Dolomites winner, Jamie Burrow welcomed the arrival, and experience of Borisov to the team. “ Last year i was pretty much on my own in the big races, often outnumbered by other teams. Now with Matteo and ‘Vladi’, we should be competitive year round, and have more cards to play”.


2 x Olympic games participant: Sydney 2000 and Athens 2004
5 x World championship competitor


1996 World junior champion (track - points race)
3rd place 1999 World championship team pursuit



General classification Vuelta de Madrid 1997
St 3 Vuelta de Madrid 1997
St 4 Vuelta de Madrid 1997
St 9 Vuelta al Tachira 1999
St Tour of Poland 2001

Trofeo Bastianelli 2002
Kettler classic 2002
St Circuit of Saone et Loire 2004
St Paris - Correze 2005
St Tour of Qinghai lake 2005
St Tour of Slovakia 2005
St Univest GP 2009
Challenge Prince de la Maison Royale 2011

19 February 2013

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