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Planet X Hero on Top Form

Planet X Hero on Top Form

Planet X are sponsoring Afganistan veteran and C4 classified paracycling athlete Craig Preece this year with Retul fitted Exocet and Mondo bikes. In August 2010 he was injured in a vehicle IED (Improvised Explosive Device) and subsequently lost his right leg below the knee. Since then, as part of his rehabilitation he competed in several endurance events and is now raising money for Help the Heroes. We're proud to be supported such a worthy cause and such a top class athlete.

In 2012 Craig competed in events such as the UK Ironman (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride and a marathon) and the Trois Etapes (3 stages of the Tour De France over 3 days). 2013 holds even greater promise. Craig writes:

"This season I have been classified as a paracyling athlete at C4 level and I am going to compete at road racing and time trialling with the aim to reach national level. Earlier this week, I was privilieged to be a part of the launch of the Help For Heroes Hero Ride in London. The Hero Ride will take place on 2nd June 2013 starting from Bexley Heath into Horse Guards Parade in London".

"Help For Heroes plan for this to be the largest amount of cyclists to descend on the nations capital, showing their support for injured servicemen. All roads will be closed to cyclists paritcicpating in the event. This a very worthy cause and one of which that is close to my heart for obvious reasons".

"I will be cycling from Edinburgh to London the week prior to this along with other injured servicemen to raise money for H4H. We will be cycling 80 miles a day from the 27th May to the 2nd June. I will keep you up to date of my progression for both getting to national level and the hero ride in further newsletters".  

If you would like more information about the hero ride please use the following link:

Craig's journey with Planet X begins here and hopefully takes him all the way to the Olympics! He's being fitted for his bikes next week- and we'll have an update then.

Good luck Craig- we're with you all the way!

8 March 2013


  • Ades

    Good work Craig, good luck with your ride and hoping that you raise some good dollars and some awareness along the way. Good to see injured serviceman getting out there getting the job done and not hiding away. Double thumbs up mate.

  • Robin

    Rob, sorry, but what point are you trying to make? Are you saying that this guy deserves no help because we should not be in Afghanistan? Maybe we should, maybe not, but that is a political question. Clearly wounded individuals are only doing a job, and deserve support when that job renders them incapacitated in any way. Or are you saying that by knowingly doing something dangerous he is responsible for his injuries, and therefore deserves no help? If so, clearly by extension all those injured in road traffic accidents (including cyclists, of which presumably you are one!) are also to blame for their situation and deserve no support either as they are knowlingly putting themselves in harms way. You make political comments about the role of international peacekeeping which frankly smack of "not in my backyard". Whether we have an international obligation or not is debatable - and I do not wish to debate it, but for every situation where it fails to end well, there are also examples where it does work - take the Balkans for example, or Sierra Leone, both conflicts where international intervention saved significant loss of life. However, in any case, how is this political argument relevant to the fact that there are individuals in need that we are in a position to support?

  • Dave

    Rob, you're a numpty.

  • rob

    Hi, going in Afghanistan is asking for trouble, somebody in the us army should study history, one of their general there still thought we got it right in dealing with Alger, so sad, we got kicked out in the end. We keep repeating mistakes: Mali has got no proper state or administration since ages, rampant corruption, arms galore since Lybia, drug trade, same patern with predictable results. I hate glorification of veterans, the vast majority of them get no help, are poorly supported even when in the forces, and more than often discharged when injured. I still feel sorry for this guy, but he chose to go there. Afghanistan goes with an H, please, this country suffers so much already. I usually enjoy reading your news, not this time.

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