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Susa, Hans and Eva

We have just recieved a communication from our elite German triathletes who are deep in training for the new season- let's see what they have to say, up first is Hans Daugaard Nilsson:


Have you ever been driving on the highway in third gear? - Well that was exactly how I felt during my last race, Challenge Fuerteventura. No matter how much effort I did put in to my race, there was just no power output. I finished second – second Woman that is, and with no less than 17 men in front of me. Way in front. The next day I got ill with a cold, so seems like I have have something in my body just waiting to break out.

The Race Challenge Fuerteventura is a great race, Swimming in the ocean, a super hard bike course, and a hilly and warm run course and very well organized. But still not a great experience for me on that day. I made it to the finish line though and will now be focusing on getting 100% well and to prepare for my big highlight this year, The Norseman extreme triathlon.

Hopes are high, and despite this little bump in the road, I am starting to feel fit and ready. The last time have been full of great training for me, and I have felt great on both my Exocet2 and my brand new Custom made Aero road bike so hopes are high, and I am already looking forward to a re-match in the coming races!


Update April 2013

Finally it is spring time here in Germany. I hope the freezing, cold and dark month are over and we could enjoy training in the sun at home now. The last month passed away quickly but not with the results I hoped. My knee injury is definitely getting better, but it has not improved that much that I am able to run. The Osteopath’s and Physio’s working very good, but there is still an inflammation in my body. But at least I could use me new Planet X bikes (Exocet 2, N2A and Crossbike XLS). There is no pain while riding-thank God! It is always a good feeling to be on the road with a new bike. But this year it was truly amazing! The stiffness of all the three bikes is impressive and with my position on the bikes I feel very comfortable. And we are not talking about the look! I love my shade black “princess”. So, I am very very glad to train on my bikes and I hope to get 100% fit as soon as possible to “fight” the other “Ironwoman”. I think Coach Susa is burning, too!


 Susanne Buckenlei's custom painted Planet X Spitfire bike

It has been a blast. I have spent 10 weeks this year on Fuerteventura. I have been organizing training camps for several hundred athletes. 10 weeks with a lot of work, but also with a lot of joy, and of cause good training. Now it is getting time to look ahead towards the races coming. I am doing two races this year. Both of them a little bit of extraordinary triathlon. The Norseman and the Swissman. The First one will be Swissman. A normal long distance triathlon, but with a bike course going over Gotthard pass, Grimsel pass and Furka pass, three of the biggest mountain passes in Switzerland, there should be altitude meters enough for everyone, and a run course going up to the top of the small Scheidegg – a real mountain run. I am looking so much forward, and as it is the first time that this race is being organized, it is hard exactly to know what to expect. It will be a little warmup for my main race – Norseman Xtreme. My most favorite race I was able to win 3x in a row. Both races have big competition, f.e. At swissman its  Emma Pooley – former TT world champ and british cycling camp, and also Andrea Huser - 2X winner of Inferno and Gigathlon.

Three weeks ago I got my new custom build and custom painted Spitfire bike from Planet X. What a machine. Build I Italy by Sarto, a company that might ring a bell for every bike fanatic. I was there just before christmas to get measured, and now the result came. This will be my weapon of choice for Swissman and Norseman. An aero road bike, so stiff and so light made exactly after my sizes. I have now been test riding the bike for two weeks in Fuerteventura, and it was just positive.

For the preparation Fuerteventura has been great, but for the big mountains I have to go somewhere else. Therefore for the next trip I will be heading to France, in the area around Briancon for riding passes like col d´Iseran, col d´Galibier and col d´Vars, and on the way back afterwards hoping that the snow is gone in the Swiss mountains, to have a closer look on the Swissman mountains.

Susa is riding the new Spitfire handmade carbon frame from Planet X. Buy yours here!

19 April 2013

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