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Team Planet X- VVF super couple romp in again

Moral had been a bit low, in the opening races for our Italian gran Fondo team. With numerous factors resulting in below par performance, until last weekend. Boyfriend/girlfriend, super couple, Enrico Saccomani and Ilaria Lombardo, broke the ice with a double whammy in the men's and women's, short course events, during last weekends GF Paolo bettini, in pomerance, Tuscany.

It was always going to be on the shoulders of Enrico and ilaria to bring home the flowers and light the first cigar, for the team. We had hoped the top step would come sooner, but none the less, we made it, a huge sigh of relief from all concerned, and 2 victories brought home in very fine fashion. Or "beautiful" as the Italians would like to describe it.

Enrico is the elder statesman of the team, and shows an uncanny resemblance in his "hard as nails" style of racing, as our own "reet-ard" yorkshire men, Mark Lovatt and Wayne Randell. Turn the screw early, to get rid of the softies, turn it again, just because you can, once more to royally p**s off your 2 breakaway companions. And finally one more time, to distance yourself with plenty of time to straighten your jersey, and savour the moment. Class!!! Ilaria on the other hand, showed off her usual finesse, with an awesome demonstration, of, going it alone.

Holding the early pace of the lead men, to quickly distance her rivals. She then continued to pile on the pressure, until only incident or accident would keep her away from a fine, solo win. The guys in the long course, just missed out on the first podium of the season, but showed a continued growth in form, and a fine show of team work, to bring home 4th place with Matteo Zannelli and an excellent 6th place from Mauro Iacomelli, who easily won his age category.

Ilaria and Enrico ride Planet X N2A bikes. Buy yours here!

22 April 2013

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