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Craig Preece reports in...

Craig Preece reports in...

Planet X are sponsoring Afganistan veteran and C4 classified paracycling athlete Craig Preece this year with Retul fitted Exocet and Mondo bikes. In August 2010 he was injured in a vehicle IED (Improvised Explosive Device) and subsequently lost his right leg below the knee. Since then, as part of his rehabilitation he competed in several endurance events and is now raising money for Help the Heroes. We're proud to be supported such a worthy cause and such a top class athlete.


Craig writes: I’ve just returned from Mallorca after a supposed weeks training in the sun. However this wasn't the case...

When we arrived the winds were gusting at 55mph, however, undeterred we trained hard over the next few days in preparation for the annual Mallorca 312km and 167km race.

The day before the race we were told it was looking like it was going to rain for the whole time. Race day arrived and as predicted a supposed sunny race was now looking like monsoon conditions. This years races had attracted a record number of entries with over 1300 people entered. The race started and off we went as one huge snaking peloton. The first 25 km is neutralized and the pace is kept to about 16mph. The first 25km seemed to take forever - it felt like you were riding out to start the race if I'm honest. As soon as we hit the hills, the green and white polka dot riders drift from the front and work their way back through the peloton. They work as the pace riders for the 312k race, and they ride to hold pace for the cut off time of 14. I was slightly apprehensive at this time as hills are my kryptonite and the thought of the next 30 miles being hill climbing seemed demoralizing at best. However much to my surprise I felt strong. I was working my way steadily through the riders.

Descending was totally different. Though Mallorca is famous for its smooth roads and beautiful descents, these roads had been turned into a river. I would say I am on the cautious side of downhilling and this was like nothing I had seen - streams of water cascading down the mountains. It was such fun to ride but really dangerous. A few riders had already been caught out and had the loss of skin on various parts of there bodies to prove it.

At about 60 miles, the hills finally finish and then the next 44 miles is a flattish race back to Alcudia on the north east of the island. I latched on to a group of Spanish riders who were doing through and off. I felt strong and kicked on the small hills every time checking what they had left. They were looking tired on the climbs. I was then joined by another British rider on a Planet X bike, and for the last 20 miles we took it in turns riding at the front with the Germans chipping in occasionally.

For the last mile or so I sat on the front and as we hit the last roundabout I was strong as we powered across the line. I got 5:45:17  for 104miles with over 2500m of climbing, all in monsoon conditions.

I definitely recommend doing a weeks training in Mallorca. The country is the mecca for cycling with smooth roads and beautiful hill climbs. It's well worth having a go at the Mallorca 167km or 312km. The organisation of them is amazing with cheap entry and good goody bags.  

All in it was an amazing weeks cycling can't wait to get back out there.

Next for me is the TLI race. This will be fun on tired legs!

Craig rides the Planet X Mondo and Exocet 2 bikes.

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2 May 2013

Mondo Bikes and CT45 Wheels


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