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Ilaria Lombardo, and the VVF - PLANET X granfondo team, successfully defended the “Maglia Rosa” after stage two of the Giro d’Italia Amatori.

The team took complete care of their leader, from start to finish, in a defensive day of racing near Perugia. Todays stage was relatively easy, and with tomorrows “Queen, mountain stage” likely to be the deciding day, the tactic was to keep Ila safe, and conserve as much energy for the coming stages.

Vladislav Borisov, Took over the grey, leaders jersey, of first foreign rider, and maintained his 5th place overall, again adopting a defensive tactic, ahead of tomorrows hilly stage. 

Roberto Portunato - Team Manager:

“We rode hard early on, to stop breaks from forming, and try to keep things under control. The guys did a great job, and showed an impressive display of team work, to get the job done, and keep the jersey on Ilaria’s shoulders. The race is still long, and tomorrow is a tough stage, but I’m confident in our chances”

“Im also very pleased to see Borisov, coming into form for this important event. He had a late start this year, but you can see he uses his years of experience as a continental pro, to make up tactically, where he is slightly behind with his legs”.

Ilaria Lombardo- Leading lady:

“The guys did a fantastic job today, keeping me sheltered and out of trouble. I wanted to try for the stage, but Roberto said it was best to ride conservatively, and keep both eyes on the big picture, of winning the race overall. Tomorrow should be pretty tough, so it probably was the right tactic to adopt. Im feeling good, so fingers crossed”.

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5 May 2013


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