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PRETTY IN PINK - Giro d'Italia triumph for Lombardi

PRETTY IN PINK - Giro d'Italia triumph for Lombardi

While  “Cannonball Cav”, and Sir Bradley have made the Giro opening weekend a very British affair, in The Giro d’Italia Amatori our own wonder woman, Ilaria Lombardi, kept the flag flying for Planet  with a dominating performance aboard her Planet X N2A Team edition bike.

Despite a race threatening puncture with 10km to go on stage 3, Ila, kept her calm and stayed completely in control of the race, leading from start to finish, after her stage one win.  The team, VVF – PLANET X continued their defensive tactic, over the weekend, with only one goal, holding on to pink.

Russian rider, Katerina Chugunkova (Sport Profil Team) came home in the runners up position, over 3 minutes behind.  Incidentally, Katerina was so impressed by the performance, and organization of our team, that she has expressed her will to ride for us in the future. (I think she just loves the team kit J which will be available to buy this week here at Planet X.)

 In the mens event, Our own Russian hard man, Vladislav Borisov, came home a tantalizingly close 5 seconds, from overall winner Tommaso Elettrico (team Calcagni). A great performance from “Vladi”, considering his late start to the season, and lack of racing miles before the Giro. He did however bring home the grey jersey of first Foreign rider.

Roberto Portunato (team manager)

“After a relatively below par start to the season, things have finally taken a turn in the right direction. Firstly wins from Ilaria and Enrico two weeks ago at Pomerance. And now a stage and the overall at the Giro. We were a bit worried before coming here, as our key men Burrow, Zannelli and Sacomani couldn’t make the team due to work commitments. We came here with a young, less experienced team, but they did us proud, and showed fantastic team spirit, both on and off the bike.”

Ilaria Lombardi  (winner Giro d’Italia 2013)

 “Relief is the first thing that comes to mind. Normally we only compete in one day races, so the aspect of winning the first stage and having to defend for a further 3 stages was a new and slightly stressful experience. I would have liked to be more competitive on the other stages, but we had a plan to concentrate on the overall, and we stuck to it. I can’t thank the guys enough, for their hard work and encouragement these past days. This is definitely a team victory.”

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5 May 2013


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