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Back on Planet X

Back on Planet X

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Luke Dragstra and I am an ex pro triathlete from Canada and used to ride for Planet X several years back.  I had some of my best results on a Pro Carbon Stealth including a PB of 8hrs13 at Challenge Roth in 2009.  I’d been living in Germany for several years and Dave gave me the opportunity to do some sales there.  Things actually went quite well but I decided to pursue some other opportunities.  Recently I have retired (at least for the present) from pro level racing and it just so happened that Dave was looking for someone to help generate some sales in Scandinavia and heard through the grapevine that I was going to be moving to Sweden.  We got in contact and one thing led to another and here I am back on the Planet.

I’ve spent a bit of time up at headquarters in Rotherham and it really is amazing how much this company has grown in only a few years.  The difference between the old warehouse and the new ones is night and day and the structure and organization is also greatly improved.  One thing that has not changed is the passion and commitment Dave has for the business and that the employees feed off of.  They have extensive and stylish show room at HQ in Rotherham for those who haven’t seen it and are in the process of opening another one in Barnsley which is the greatest cycling paradise shop I have ever seen. 

I am truly excited to be back.  I was always a big fan of the business model and the bikes and now I get to be part of the team and do something that I really love.  It is a pretty big transition going into a full time career after chasing the triathlon circuit for so many years but I couldn’t have found something better to focus my energy on than selling great products and being part of such a lively organization.  That being said, I do manage to squeeze some training in and hope to do a few races on my Exocet 2 this summer.

15 May 2013


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